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We know that you are interested in learning what franchising is all about with Complete Weddings + Events Franchise. Here is where we answer all your frequently asked franchise questions and show you what Complete Weddings + Events Franchise is all about. We look forward to helping you join our team and become a franchise owner!

No. In fact, we prefer our owners not to be working IN their business so they can work ON their business. We cover all the necessary tools and considerations you need to hire and train your staff. As your support team, we’ll also help you find the right people by screening potential hires and even assist in conducting your first interviews.

At Complete Weddings + Events Franchise, we have compiled our decades of experience to offer a variety of event services. Each one of these services is a valuable part of a Complete Weddings + Events franchise.

Our services include:

  • DJs: This is where we started, and it is still the cornerstone of any great event. Our professional DJs provide the best sound and party motivation to keep guests dancing all night long.
  • Photography: The professional photographers at Complete Weddings + Events are trained to present clients with lasting memories that tell the story of their event. They know how to capture the beauty of the celebration in a way that can be shared and cherished forever.
  • Videography: There is no substitute for reliving the best moments of your life in beautiful HD video. This is the service we provide with our professional videographers. They capture the small details and the main moments so that the client can revisit their special moments for years to come.
  • Photo Booth: Complete Weddings + Events offers photo booth rentals as a way to add some fun to any event. The booth offers unlimited prints to clients as well as digital copies of the images, a scrapbook of printed images, and props to make it even more fun.
  • Lighting: Lighting up an event space is the fastest, most affordable way to change the look of a venue into something from the client’s vision. Our lighting professionals know just how to create the perfect ambiance using a variety of lighting techniques.
  • Coordination: The cake & flowers have just arrived! Who’s coordinating where they should be placed? Need the candles lit for the reception? Who’s making sure the vendors are on time? Your client can enjoy the day knowing someone else’s sole purpose is to worry about all those details! Our event managers will coordinate the event’s production and be the client’s vendors’ main point of contact.
We have access to a wedding report that shows the average price that couples pay for each service. This report also breaks down the total paid for each wedding and how many weddings were conducted each year in your territory. As part of your training, we’ll help you set up a base price for all of your services.

The initial investment starts at only $56,820, which includes a discounted $40,000 Initial Franchise Fee under our 2022/2023 Incentive Program.

The beauty of this business and what makes it a low-cost startup is the fact that you can run it from your home for the first few years. We have certain milestones based on gross revenue that determine when you’re ready for a storefront. When that time comes, the support office helps their franchisees with space, location décor, and everything in between.

A manager can be assigned and hired to run the business as long as that person completes the training with the owner.

We like to see new franchise owners grow one market at a time. If you’re interested in multiple territories, we can discuss benchmarks to hit before purchasing more than one territory. Check out our available markets across the country!

Territories are generally broken up by counties surrounding a metro area of interest. Take a look at our available markets!

Jerry Maas DJ’ed the first wedding reception for Complete Weddings + Events Franchise in 1974, and the first wedding franchise was opened in 1983 in Dallas, Texas.

Complete Weddings + Events Franchise has been a part of the wedding industry since 1974, as the idea of a true wedding DJ took hold the company spread to several locations. Complete began franchising in 1983, and the company has expanded  nationwide. By 2010, Complete Weddings + Events Franchise offered videography, photography, photo booth, and lighting service to our clients. We are now one of the top-ranked, low-cost franchises in the country, and are ready to keep growing to help you serve your community.

There is one corporate-owned franchise located in Omaha, Nebraska that services two territories.

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