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At Complete Wedding + Events, our videographers capture your unique stories in stunning cinematic HD video. We have been trusted by more brides and grooms than any other wedding videography provider. Our event videographers take pride in their artistic storytelling skills and ability to capture the emotion of once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll be able to cherish forever.

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The perfect complement to your still photos is your wedding moments in stunning cinematic HD video.

Complete Weddings + Events Videographers Offers:

Highlight Film of Footage throughout your Day
Vows and Toasts Footage
Optional Aerial Drone Footage
Optional Second Videographer for Full Wedding Ceremony Coverage

Choosing your video package is easy with up-front pricing and no hidden costs. Let’s connect so we can build you your custom videography package.

Why Hire a Videographer

The day of any event flies by, especially if you are at the center of the celebration. It is impossible to remember, capture, and hold on to every detail of the day. While still photographs are an amazing way to look back on your event, it lacks the ability to capture all the senses. An event videographer is able to do just that. The event video will remind you of the laughter, dance moves, and sweet emotions of loved ones in a way that nothing else can. It will truly become a keepsake that will allow you to relive your day for years to come.

How to Choose a Good Videographer

The mark of a good event videographer lies in the work they create. You often will interact much with your videographer at the event so their work is the number one thing that you want to look at. The next thing you want to be sure of is that they are attentive. You want to make sure that your special event videographer is able to notice and capture the details of the day as well as the big moments that shouldn’t be missed. Finally, you want a professional event videographer. Your videographer should know what to film and when, how to work with and around other vendors, and blend in with the guests so they aren’t a distraction. Complete Weddings + Events event videographers know how to do just that so you never have to worry about the results.

Why Work With Complete Weddings + Events

Our number one goal is to make sure that your event is captured by our professional videographers in vivid detail. We want you to be able to feel the emotions of the day and to smile at the memories created. So when you hire us, you know that you will get the best. We offer many different options for custom event videography, including:


  • Highlight film footage. We make sure that we capture the highlights of the day, including the small details, so you don’t forget the best moments of your event.
  • Vows and toast footage. We are there to capture the funny jokes, embarrassing antidotes from friends, and tears that come when people are sharing their hearts. These are the moments that are most easily forgotten that shouldn’t be lost.
  • Optional aerial drone footage. Maybe you want the bird’s eye view of everything going on. Our special event videographers are able to capture that for you, too.
  • Optional second videographer. A person can only be in one place at a time so two people working together can do so much more! We are able to provide you with more than one videographer for your event so that there will never be a missed moment.


Complete Weddings + Events makes it easy for you to plan and build the event videography package that works for you. We want you to have a stunning event video that brings you back to this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Not only that, but we also want to help you with all the details of your day as well. Contact us to see how we can help you create and capture the event of your dreams.

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"The videographer was a joy to have, and very sweet. She was always there to capture the moment, every time I looked up wondering if she had caught that, she did."

- Amanda J.

Complete Weddings + Events is North America’s best in event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, coordination, DJ services and photo booth rental.

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