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Event Coordination

The cake & flowers have just arrived! Who’s coordinating where they should be placed? Need your candles lit for the reception? Who’s making sure your vendors are on time? Enjoy your day knowing someone else’s sole purpose is to worry about all those details! Our event managers will coordinate your event’s production and be your vendors’ main point of contact, so they won’t be coming to you with each little question. All you need to do is show up!

Coordination Package Features:

(offerings vary, contact us for details)

  • One-Site Event Manager
  • Wedding Rehearsal Management (Processional & Recessional)
  • Unlimited phone & email communication up to 90 days
  • In-Person Consultation
  • Etiquette & Protocol Advising
  • Bouquet, Boutonniere, & Corsage Management
  • Timeline Creation & Execution
  • Vendor Referrals
  • Vendor Coordination & Follow-up
  • Wedding Day Emergency Kit
  • Gift Management (Must be Accompanied by an Attendee)
  • Payment Distribution
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Avoid Day-of Interruptions & Confusion

Your coordinator will execute your plan clearly before and on your wedding day. First off, your event manager will speak on behalf of you and your wishes on the big day. Their job is to answer everyone else’s questions and ensure your requests for the day have been fulfilled. Also, our coordinators eliminate confusion as event vendors conduct multiple events in a month, (sometimes in one week), and their follow-through will guarantee your event’s specific details are a go!

More Money-Saving Decisions

Your event manager can review your contracts with your event vendors, helping you make decisions for your event space like the actual quantity of items needed to execute your vision. While twenty uplights may sound like the perfect amount to dramatically light up your space, they know that ten uplights will give you the color wash you need at your venue, saving you half the price. Your coordinator is familiar with local pricing to know where you can find the best quality products, rentals, or services for reasonable costs. You’ll save time as they know when your price is fair for the quality of service and it’s not worth spending more time checking for other options.

Mishap Handled!

We don’t even like saying it, but we have seen it. Despite ample planning, things can go wrong at weddings. Food comes up short, the best man goes missing, and your baby cousin knocks over your head table decor. Your wedding day manager will step in and correct things, and many times, you won’t even know anything went awry until the next day!

Why Choose Complete Weddings + Events?

Our Complete Weddings + Events coordinators work and train with your other Complete Weddings + Events event vendors to ensure the team is all on the same page. There’s no doubling up on duties so you’re not overpaying vendors for offerings you already have covered. We can save everyone time (and save you money) when reserving multiple Complete Weddings + Events services giving you and your wedding team an enjoyable experience.

With a team of professionals, versus one individual, we are ready if an emergency were to happen. While we don’t even like to mention them, illness, injuries, and family emergencies are real, and we can ensure your event is covered no matter what.

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