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Why Complete?

Being the largest event services provider, there are many benefits to franchising with Complete.

Complete Weddings + Events provides the tools, software, collateral, and support to cultivate success for those ready to own a full-time business in the weddings and events industry.

After watching The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez, many think working in events would be the easiest thing in the world. While working in weddings and events can be a great side gig, most have realized that it’s difficult to make a full-time business out of it. Weddings are seasonal. Plus, let’s face it, owning your own business can be scary and lonely!

Access to Experts

With Complete Weddings + Events’ 45+ year experience, you get access to the largest and best network of experts who want to see you succeed. Monthly webinars with industry experts like Alan Berg, the leading speaker and expert on the business of weddings and events, will help you make a splash in your market and connect with potential clients. Learn more about our expert support team and partners below!

Vast Industry

The wedding industry is a $72 billion dollar industry, and Complete Weddings + Events assists you in staying up-to-date on trends, cost shifts and ideals from our industry’s demographic.

Ongoing Training & Innovation

We consistently strive to operate efficiently providing you the work-life balance you deserve. Ongoing training is provided from our support team, along with updates to our custom software, branding, collateral, operations and sales procedures to help give you the edge in the industry.

Support Team

Every aspect of your business is covered with the industry’s brightest and most experienced support team. From long-time leaders and sales innovators in the events industry to branding, operations, and post-production experts, the Complete Weddings + Events corporate office assists franchise owners along every step of the way. The support team shares a desire for all of our franchise owners to be enriched by a long and prosperous career.


Expert Partners

Advertising Agency

Our marketing agency, DayCloud Studios, houses experts in branding and digital marketing who work with us to keep our brand relevant as our target market’s needs and ideals adapt. DayCloud works on various projects to refine our identity and keep our consumers choosing Complete.

Franchise Attorney

Gaylen Knack, our franchise attorney, combined 30 plus years of experience in private practice and as a franchise executive provide him with a unique understanding of the complex business and legal issues that companies face in establishing and operating a franchise. As vice president and general counsel at a U.S.-based, multi-concept retail franchise, Gaylen developed sales training and compliance, preferred vendor, internet, franchise renewal, operational standards, and due diligence programs that are integral to the success of expanding franchise programs. Gaylen is a tremendous resource for Complete Weddings + Events’ when it comes to our franchise disclosure documents plus business and regulatory laws and issues that may impact our franchisees.

SEO Services

Our SEO and Google partner, Omaha SEO Company, gives us direct access to a team of SEO experts and online reputation management specialists who keep a pulse on best practices for internet marketing and the ever-changing needs to keep our brand in front of our target audience.

Choosing to Franchise with Complete

Franchising Opportunities

When you choose to own a low-cost franchise with Complete Weddings + Events, you are choosing to partner with one of the best event and wedding companies in the nation. That reputation is huge as you establish yourself in your own territory. People know and recognize the years of experience and happy clients that Complete Weddings + Events has produced, and this makes them excited to work with you. Plus, we’re always available to assist you with any questions you may have, and provide training that coincides with the stages of your franchise so that you have the tools you need to embrace your entrepreneurship and commitment to building a professional, successful business.


"We became owners of Complete Weddings + Events in January of 2012. Complete has been around since 1974 and that was a big factor for us as we watched the company as a whole continue to grow. We knew the potential was very high to be successful. With Complete’s franchise system, it allowed us to focus on what we do well (selling and managing people). We would be in trouble if we had to come up with brochures, videos, logos, etc. Relying on them frees us time and sanity. Finally, their ongoing operational support provides us access to cutting edge trends in the industry which allows us to quickly pivot when the market changes."

- Sarah Erb, Sioux Falls

"I chose to be an owner because I love the culture of Complete Weddings + Events, and I trust the leadership in the corporate office. I love being able to be apart of the most important day of people's life. If you’re smart with money and good with people, the profit margins with a Complete Franchise are hard to beat."

- Chase Lee, Baton Rouge