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Prince Songs Perfect for your Event


Prince’s birthday is June 7, and we are honoring this music legend with listing our favorite Prince songs that get us going, whether that be at the dance floor or grooving through a Tuesday afternoon. We asked the team at Complete Weddings + Events for their favorite Prince songs that might just be a stellar option at your  event or to pump you up while you’re getting wedding day ready.

“Raspberry Beret”

“This is simply a fun song!” -Ben, Complete Weddings + Events Director of Operations


“When Doves Cry”

“I might be the only one on this one, but there are remakes out there of ‘When Doves Cry’ that really do it for me.” -Shayla, Complete Weddings + Events Marketing Director


“A lotta people start giving kisses,” says Alex Li, Complete Weddings + Events DJ and Operations Manager, when the Prince song “Kiss” is played. Shayla adds, “this song gives everyone that feel-good confidence that’s needed to rule the world.”


“This is an iconic classic.” -Christian, Complete Weddings + Events Product Manager


“Let’s Go Crazy”

Deb, Compete Weddings + Event’s financial manager, says this song is the most fun Prince song! Ben is also super passionate about prince and has a second favorite party Prince song. Ben says “this song gets everybody on the dance floor!”

“Purple Rain”

“This is my Dad and I’s song we would listen to all the time when I was a child.” -Julianne, Complete Weddings + Events Sales Consultant

“Little Red Corvette”

“You just can’t go wrong with Prince and ‘Little Red Corvette’ is a great song everyone should know.” -Pat, Complete Weddings + Events’ Executive Assistant

“Manic Monday”

“I like Manic Monday… because I wish it was Sunday,” says Lauren, Complete’s National Sales Manager. We’ve been there Lauren!

We’ll be celebrating Prince his entire birthday month by listening to his music, and we suggest adding these tunes to your playlist as well. Reach out to us at Complete to see what songs are best for your upcoming event!

Party Like It's 1999 Prince

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