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The Perfect Wedding Veils For Your Dress


So you finally found your wedding day look! Now you’re looking for the perfect veil to make you the perfect bride you’ve always dreamed to be. Choosing your wedding look is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning, and you’re finally ready to add the final piece to the puzzle. No matter what kind of bride you are, we have figured out the best wedding veils for you. So let’s start shopping!

The Vintage Bride

There’s something charming about vintage weddings. If you plan on having a wedding with an Old Hollywood theme, or with a 20s twist, here are some veils to consider.

Birdcage: The birdcage veil is a great place to start when looking for vintage-inspired veils. It is made in a net material that covers half of the bride’s face. It’s a great option for a bride looking for zero fuss on their wedding day, but still make a statement with their veil.

Double Tier: A double tier veil can actually be applied to any veil style, but it’s important to note the effect it gives. Depending on the material and how the draping is, you can create a vintage look with a double-tier veil. For instance, having two layers of volumized mesh material will create a true vintage-inspired veil.

Juliet Cap Veil: ‘Tis the 20s! But rewind a hundred years. If you found yourself enthralled with the world of The Great Gatsby when it came out years ago, it’s likely that you’re also finding ways to incorporate its glamour into your wedding. Let us introduce you to the Juliet Cap Veil! It creates a “cap” feel by bunching up just above the ear to create a flat lay on the head. Then it extends out past the bride’s head to create a grand feel. It’s a super fun and unique take on veils!

The Timeless Bride

Onto the timeless bride. If you’re the kind of bride who is looking to be in a wedding that withstands the test of time, you have come to the right place. Here are some veils to add to your inspiration board.

Elbow: One of the easiest ways to keep it timeless is by going for veils that fall in the middle of options. This is where the Elbow Veils and Fingertip Veils come into play. Just as they’re names hint at, they fall at the elbows or fingertips. These are also great options if you’re the bride who wants the skirt or pantsuit to still take center stage.

Flyaway: The flyaway veil is a great choice for the person who really doesn’t want the veil to play a big role in their final wedding look. It’s one single layer of material and tends to be a simple take on the veil.

Waltz/Ballet: Last but not least, the longest veil option for the timeless bride. The Waltz Veil aka Ballet Veil usually falls below the knee and above the ankle. If you know you’re not looking for a dramatic veil but can’t quite commit to anything short, this is probably the best bet for you. It gives just a little bit of everything.

The Regal Bride

Alright, if you read through all of the veil options and were not impressed, you probably fall under the regal bride category. You are looking for drama in your look, head turns, ooooohs and ahhhhhs. Here are the perfect veils for you!

Cathedral: We’ll start you off with The granddaddy of all wedding veils! This is the moment, as it stretches for feet, miles (okay maybe not miles) but the limit does not exist! The cathedral veil works perfectly for more upscale weddings.

Chapel: If you know you’re wanting a veil that will go past the bottom of your dress, but having a veil that stretches for many feet is too much, the Chapel Veil is the one for you! It still gives the grand effect without the fear of people tripping on it as much.

Waltz/Ballet: Last but not least, the shortest veil option for the regal bride. The Waltz Veil aka Ballet Veil usually falls below the knee and above the ankle. If you know you’re not looking for a dramatic veil but can’t quite commit to anything short, this is probably the best bet for you. It gives just a little bit of everything.

Shop Online For Wedding Veils!

So now that you’re aware of the veil types, you’re ready to shop! The exciting part about veils is that they can be adjusted and custom-made to your taste. Think embellishments like pearls, rhinestones, trims, etc! The choices are endless! Some of our favorite online bridal accessory shops include:

  • Untamed Petals: They have everything from veils, to gloves, and even party dresses for the bride!
  • BHLDN: This bridal brand brought to you by Anthropologie not only offers bridal accessories but everything else a bride could need for any of the bridal festivities. Including shoes!
  • LOHO: This brand features some one-of-a-kind headwear accessories and attire for brides!
  • AM Faulkner: This designer focus on bridal accessories to top of the bride’s look. Of course including stunning veils, but headbands and capes as well!
  • Claire Pettibone: This one is highly recommended for the vintage and regal bride. The veils include lots of intricate lace details.


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