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Do Good Together

Complete's annual fundraising initiative

Every year, Complete Weddings + Events dedicates one month to our annual fundraising campaign and donates 3% of sales to the Do Good Together initiative powered by both Global Partners in Hope and Complete Weddings + Events. This year, Do Good Together is supporting teens and young adults in our own backyard! Money raised will help to fund local event training programs in U.S. cities teaching young adults in historically underserved areas technical and life skills, including public speaking and customer service. 


2020 Fundraising Initiative Goal and Projects

Many students struggle to learn in the traditional classroom setting, and Complete Weddings + Events and Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) recognize this issue at both a domestic and international level. With GPiH’s years of experience in creating leadership training programs in countries such as China, Togo, and Mali, Complete is excited to partner with them to successfully implement this type of training, here, at home. This program is the perfect opportunity to this global work into practice at a domestic level while providing hope for those that need it most.

This new life skills program for underprivileged teens will provide an alternative educational pathway for kids and young adults struggling to succeed in the traditional classroom setting by allowing them the opportunity to learn real life skills that are applicable in the workforce. The curriculum is based upon the current needs of both the music and event planning industries soon to be available to students across the country.

Help us in creating the next event professionals of the future, and contact us for details on joining us on this amazing new project!


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