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Do Good Together

Complete's annual fundraising initiative

Every year, Complete Weddings + Events dedicates one month to our annual fundraising campaign and donates 3% of our sales to our Do Good Together initiative, which provides basic needs in a developing country. In partnership with Global Partners in Hope (GPiH) since 2013, this money has helped build clean water wells in remote areas of Mali and Togo, West Africa, and helped fund the construction of a medical center. In the last three years alone, Complete Weddings + Events raised over $150,000 with the help of Complete staff, customers, and wedding industry partners.

2024 Do Good Together Fundraising Initiative

Continuing to bring care to those in need is our top priority in our partnership with Global Partners in Hope. Last year, we raised $47,000 to continue to bring care to those in remote locations of Benin in West Africa through a new health clinic. Learn more about the efforts to support women and children in West Africa.

“Joy” Film

Dive into the community of Togo in Joy to see the positive impacts that Global Partners in Hope and Complete Weddings + Events have been working towards, and how our continued Do Good Together fundraising efforts will continue to make an impact in more areas across Africa. Filmed and produced by Tim Vogel, view the film here.

Do Good Together History

After funding five water wells in West Africa from 2013 to 2017, Complete Weddings + Events began raising money to build neonatal and women’s recovery rooms as a part of a $3.2 million medical center in 2018. Our wedding industry partners nationwide have joined in to help accomplish our goals in reaching the needed funds and thus the Compassion medical center construction was completed in early 2020. 

In addition to raising money for these campaigns, Complete Weddings + Events has sent team members to Mali & Togo where our teams met the families, women, and children being impacted by these efforts. We personally have seen lives change from the wells providing clean water to thousands of people in the area and learned how the medical center has been a huge benefit to women and children in the area.

In 2021, Complete set a goal to raise $40,000 for the Do Good Together initiative and surpassed this by collecting over $54,000 through our October 2021 event bookings, hosting fundraisings, and raising donations directly from our team members! The proceeds went towards building a health clinic to provide neonatal and women’s health services to those in remote locations who are unable to access the larger medical center we partnered with Global Partners in Hope to help build in early 2020.

Fundraising for Surgical Rooms

In 2022, Complete Weddings + Events team members visited Togo and learned of the great need for surgical rooms in the area. Having surgical rooms was the number one need requested by the staff of the current health center Complete helped fund in 2020 and 2021. These units would allow for surgical procedures, like C-sections, to be performed by trained on-site doctors to save the lives of both mothers and children. Currently, without a surgical center, if an emergency C-section is needed to be performed during childbirth, the mother has to be transported to a hospital miles away.

That same year, Complete raised the largest fundraising amount yet in one year by committing two months to donate funds to help build two surgical units in West Africa. In the fall of 2022, Complete Weddings + Events hosted fundraisers across the nation and donated 3% of our wedding and event sales to the campaign raising over $64,000!

Construction began on the surgical rooms in September 2023 with the help of funds from the Complete Weddings + Events 2022 Do Good Together initiative.

Donate Today!

By reserving our services in August 2024, you are helping us reach our goals of providing services for the most vulnerable in the developing world: women and children. Contact us to reserve your services and ensure a portion of your event goes towards this cause.

Global Partners in Hope, Complete Weddings + Events, and the Wedding Industry will continue working together to provide sustainable growth to areas in West Africa. Learn more about the Global Partners in Hope, and donate at

Thank you for joining us on this amazing and life-changing journey!



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