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Final Wedding Songs to Play

Closing Time | Final Wedding Songs to Play


It’s the end of the night after a great wedding reception! You, of course, don’t really don’t want it to end, but you’re pretty sweaty from dancing, and the venue will charge extra if guests aren’t out by midnight. If you only had one final song to end the night with, what would it be? Any one person may choose a song that speaks to them, but choosing the best last song that speaks to many can be a challenge. Our Wedding DJs have tested these tried and true last song favorites and have found the best!

We’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of great options for last songs to help you make your choice! These songs help not only signal to your guests that it’s just about time to leave, but they also help the wedding wind down. While we want the dance party to continue on forever, you will literally be kicked be the event staff at some point, so let’s play nice here. Our DJs know how to wrap things up with one last memorable moment.

Great final wedding songs are typically sing-a-long tunes, that people can gather their things to or huddle up and hold each other for one last belt out in unison. View the complete Best Last Wedding Songs playlist.

Complete Weddings + Events DJ Logan K. adds that another option for a great final song for a wedding night is to play “what the couple’s first dance song was.” This works to end the dance floor on the same song it started with, bringing the night full circle. It’s also a romantic moment for the couple to hear that special song one last time.

Feel free to give these songs a listen on our Spotify playlist, but our DJs have tested each of these songs and will help read your crowd through the night to see which may work best for you. If you’re looking for more playlist suggestions, see our top dance floor songs here, or connect with us on hiring a DJ for the event!


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