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Unique Wedding Photography | Best of 2019


You won’t find standard couple portraits here! This gallery of wedding photography from 2019 is a collection of the uncommon, which makes for great inspiration in making your wedding a stand-out event. These photos includes shooting styles outside traditional imagery and highlight happy or unique moments our photographers been lucky to capture over the past year. You’ll find wedding day aspects featured beyond just the bride and groom, because you know they’ll always steal the spotlight in the end. 


Unique Wedding Photos of 2019 – Our Uncommon Edition

Enjoy the best of 2019 weddings with our favorites in wedding day details, newlywed style, bridesmaid and groomsmen looks, and spunky additions that helped make these 2019 weddings unique.


Everybody on the Dance Floor

These ladies and fellas were owning the dance floor! We loved the energy of someone getting after it on the dance floor, giving us these glorious moments for our photographers to capture!

Detail Photography

Wedding detail photography includes moments of a wedding that brought out the couples’ style or vision for the day through accessories, custom decor or visual enhancements. Details of the day bring a wedding dreams to life! Perhaps you’ve always envisioned a dance floor filled with dry ice during your first dance or a wedding dress with the most intricate lace you can only truly appreciate up close. It really is all in the details…

Friends and Family Photos

Whether it’s the bridal party, parents, or everyone invited, we love a good group photo that captures the joy of all! Reach out to us to see how Complete Weddings + Events can accomplish a group photo at your wedding to cherish.

This black and white photo above from Melissa and Mason’s wedding is a beautiful reminder of being in the presence of all of they’re loved ones, plus the smiling faces surrounding the couple warm our hearts. The unique angle of the photo also showcases the twinkling lights in an appealing way!


Veil Yes!

While a veil is not unique to a wedding, we think it’s amazing how they can sometimes steal the show! These brides are working those veils, or this is most likely the photographer’s doing. Either way, nothing completes a bride’s look like a veil, and we think these veils help to complete these photos.


Each wedding brings us moments captured in videography and photography that leave astonished and inspired, and we know things won’t slow down in 2020! Find more wedding and event inspiration on our blog here, and contact us with your questions for your upcoming event!

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