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Devine Fort Lauderdale Wedding DJ


Devine is an international professional DJ and entertainer. He has traveled the world doing what he loves to do which is bringing joy and happiness to people. He was born and raised in the Caribbean (commonwealth of Dominica) He started his career at a very young age.

DJ Devine has toured the world and shared the stage with many big names such as Tyrese, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, and many others.

Devine Fort Lauderdale Wedding DJ

Devine is vastly familiar with Caribbean music but has infinite knowledge of Latin music, Top 40, Haitian songs and the classics that never go out of style.

Everyone knows the stereotype of a wedding DJ; hired in a cheap amount, wearing a tuxedo, playing cheesy games, talking like a game show’s host, asking everyone to dance

As bad as it sounds to say, the stereotype is real.  But, look at me.  Do I look boring?  Do I look cheesy?  I like to say that everything I do is COOL 😊 and YES!

I love being a Wedding DJ

More practice, more fun

Being a DJ does not only mean that you have to spin music. A good DJ is someone who is a good entertainer.  A good DJ should have great skills, great marketing technique, and great technical abilities. But more than all of that, a good DJ needs to know exactly how to run a crowd and when to play a certain song.

And to get all of that experience and practice, you need to go get yourself some opportunities.

Being a Wedding DJ is a great, great opportunity since it helps you in learning when to play what song. It helps you teach basic things like what to play at the reception, what to play when the groom arrives, what to play when the bride arrives.

I like to say that I have a musical ‘degree’

Being a wedding DJ helped you learn all types of songs.  If you only like to listen to a certain genre; say Jazz, you can never be a good DJ.  For being a good DJ, you need to know a little bit of every genre, because every different event in a wedding reception deserves a different song.

It is not necessary to be in love with all of those genres, but it is essential to be familiar with them. Different people have different tastes. To get the crowd at the reception running, you have to make sure everyone is enjoying the music.

I was born in Dominica which is a mountainous Caribbean island nation.  The island vibes like Calypso, Soca, Dancehall, Zouk, Extempo, Kompa, Reggae and Kont music flow through me.  Please don’t think that my musical knowledge stops there.  I also have vast experience playing Rock N Roll, Pop, Country, R & B, 50s, 60s, 70s, disco.. the list goes on and on.

Couples seem to find me

I love working with COMPLETE weddings + events because I have established a reputation of being a great wedding DJ.  The majority of the weddings I perform, I have been requested.  There are often times that multiple brides and grooms request me for the same day.  Unfortunately; because of the time, effort and energy it takes to provide a flawless wedding reception, I am only able to do 1 wedding per day.


For me being a wedding DJ is the most important job because I am there to bring life and light to the the most important day in people’s lives.  It is not only about the music but also about me, your DJ, creating the mood and keeping your friends and family entertained.  If the DJ that you choose does not take their job with the same seriousness that I do, everyone at the wedding ceremony will be disappointed and the bride and the groom will not be happy.  I love seeing them smile.  I love getting thumbs up.  I love getting hugs at the end of the night.  I would love to DJ for you.

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