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Fort Lauderdale DJ FAQs


We love working new couples! A large part of planning a wedding includes educating yourself how it works and what our services include! Here is a list of our DJ Frequently Asked Questions! We hope these help all of your wedding planning DJ questions!

Fort Lauderdale DJ FAQs

Who will be the actual DJ for our wedding?

    • You can actually choose your DJ based on their online portfolios, and their availability for your date. Or, you can choose to have us match you with your DJ based on your music preferences!

Have you DJ’d at my venue before?

    • COMPLETE has been DJing in the South Florida since 2005.  We have DJ’d at 99% if not a full, 100% of the venues in the area. We are confident we have experience with what works best at your particular location!

Will the DJ assist will making all the announcements for toasts ect.

    • The DJ will be your professional emcee for the night. They will make all of the announcements including, releasing tables for dinner, introducing your party, Coordinating speeches and toast, conducting the games of your choosing, and more!

What is something happens the day of the wedding, is there a back up?

    • When you book with COMPLETE , we guarantee you a DJ on your big day, no matter what! 😊 We are one of the only DJ companies in the area that can guarantee you that!

Where does the music collection come from? Do we have access to any song?

    • You can provide the DJ a list of your “must hear” songs, and from there, we can download anything/everything you might want! Typically, the DJ can base songs off of a playlist you can create on your personal. Spotify account if you have one!

How involved can we be in selecting music?

    • As involved as you would like! You can choose every song that is played, or you can provide suggestions and we can use that to select music similar to your music style!!

Do you take guest requests?

    • We can if you want us to, or if you don’t want us to, that’s up to you! It’s your day so we are going to make it exactly how you want it!

Do you have sample wedding flows?

    • When you meet with your DJ, you will go over every detail of your event. You will want to come prepared with your specific songs for your dances. From there, the DJ will tell you about some options for games you can play and the best way to run your night for the most crowd involvement!

How far in advance do you arrive to set up?

    • Set up and tear down time is on our own, we don’t charge you for that! The will arrive about an hour early for your special event!

What is all included in that final cost?

    • Your DJ for the set amount of time, all of the necessary equipment including speakers, party lights, and a wireless microphone you can use for your toasts and speeches!

Do you provide lights?

    • Yes! We have party lights for your dance floor, but they aren’t anything too over the top, so if you wanted to look at lighting options, I have other lighting options as well!

COMPLETE wedding + events | Fort Lauderdale DJ FAQs

South Florida DJs are artists with music, and that means that they love to add a few extras to enhance the experience that their music brings. Sometimes that is special lighting, HD video screens, or other fun effects. With so many extra options, know what your DJ can provide to make your event one-of-a-kind.

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COMPLETE weddings + events is here to help you plan the perfect event. Our event consultants are standing by to answer all these questions and more as you choose the Miami DJ perfect for you. Contact us to chat more about our other options too. We can help you plan your photography, videography, and even fun photo booth rental for the event of the year.

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