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Things to consider when Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music


Your wedding ceremony is one of the most important moments of your life – and you definitely want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with excellent music to mark the beauty and emotion of this event. What are some of the top things to consider when selecting music for your wedding ceremony? We have some tips for you – keep reading to find out more.

Things to consider when Choosing Wedding Ceremony Music

Music should be there throughout the entire ceremony. It will be turned down for the moments when there’s speaking involved (e.g. the officiant’s words, your wedding vows, readings, etc.), but it will still be there. From the moment your guests walk into the wedding ceremony space to the moment you make your grand exit, music should embrace all of you.

Generally speaking, you can choose whatever songs you like for the ceremony. Most couples go with relaxing sounds for the beginning (when guests are arriving), a romantic song for the wedding processional, and a higher-energy tune for the wedding processional (to end the ceremony on a happy note). However, there’s no actual rule to this.

Rules to Follow

The only rules you should definitely keep in mind are those imposed by the ceremony site. Some religious locations will not allow you to play all kinds of music (and some are only limited to a couple of classical pieces, such as in a Catholic church, for example). It is very important to discuss with your officiant first and see what they have to say about personalizing your wedding ceremony playlist.

Other than that, feel free to play whatever genres of music suit you best. Some people want to walk down the aisle on the hardest rock song and others want to do it on Chopin. Some people want to be surrounded by EDM music as they make their ceremony exit and others want to be surrounded by Country music. That’s fine – as long as you have the freedom to select your own music. You should definitely infuse this playlist with YOU and your own personality and love story!

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