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Garter Toss Songs


With so many things to decide for your wedding, picking a garter removal song may seem unimportant. You can go with a classic song like “Oh Yeah” by Yellow, which has been played at literally millions of wedding receptions. Or you can pick a more modern song like “Toxic Pony” – Altégo Britney Spears and Ginuwine. You can even go risqué and decide on “Unholy” by Sam Smith. When it comes to songs to choose from, the choices are endless but don’t think of the garter toss song as just another wedding song.

Garter Toss Songs


The garter toss is basically a fun part of the wedding where all of the single men line up behind the groom, who is ready to throw the garter. It is believed that whoever catches the garter is the next person to get married.

Getting the garter is another fun part of the wedding. The groom gets on his knees, lifts up the bride’s dress, and takes out the garter from her legs. It is a really fun game and all the guests are filled with uncontrollable laughter.

There is a similar tradition to the garter toss and that is the bouquet toss, where all the single women will line up behind the bride and the bride will throw the bouquet towards them and whoever catches it is believed to be the next one to get married as well.

Both of these traditions are a way to get the guests on the dance floor so they can make the wedding a lot more fun than it already is. 

Over all these years, there have been numerous songs that have just been associated with the garter toss. Obviously, there are thousands of songs to choose from but there are certain songs that are MADE for the garter toss.

Here are some of the songs that I believe might just add a little bit more perfection to the wedding when played during the garter toss:

Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Queen is probably one of the most renowned singers on the planet Earth. His voice is nostalgic. His song ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ is the perfect garter toss song because it is a great song to hear when with your buddies and the song being a rock and roll just makes everything better.

Cherry Pie – Warrant 

This is one of the most hilarious songs to ever hit the humanity. This song will liven up everyone’s mood during the garter toss and all the memories you will make will be associated with this song. 

Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

This is not one of the old songs but something that every generation can jam to. It has the vibes and the jingle that can make any moment of the wedding memorable, let alone the garter toss.

In Those Jeans – Ginuwine

This song is probably the most iconic among all the songs mentioned. This won’t only let the guests have a great time, but also wanting more. 

Suit and Tie – Justin Timberlake

This song is a wild mix-up of the voices of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z. It hypes up everyone on the floor and everyone else who is present at the wedding. With everyone involved in the wedding, the garter toss will most probably be the most fun thing to do there.

Let’s get it on – Marvin Gaye

This song comes with a mixed punch of sultry, jazz, and classical. All of this makes it the perfect song for the garter toss. Nothing makes it more perfect than tossing the garter in the air with Marvin Gaye’s voice in the background.

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns & Roses

I believe that no wedding can ever be complete without Guns & Roses being a part of it. This band has been a part of almost all of our childhood and their song being played on the most important day of your life will definitely not disappoint. 

Pony – Ginuwine

This song is a perfect classic for the bride and groom who want the guests to be involved in the wedding. This song turns a lot of heads towards the center of attention, which is the bride and the groom. This does not let the party die and keeps everyone involved

In Those Jeans – Ginuwine

This song is probably the most iconic among all the songs mentioned. This won’t only let the guests have a great time, but also wanting more. 

Hot in Herre – Nelly

This song used to be everyone’s jam back in 2002, which makes this song not only nostalgic but also something that will make everyone party since it was the most common party song at that time. It just sets the mood of everyone at the party with its naughty lyrics and catches everyone’s attention.

Animals – Maroon 5

Who can even forget this masterpiece? NO ONE. This song was one of the best when it came out and it showed that this song was here for a purpose and yes, the purpose is to play it for the garter toss. The energy this song displays and shares is just unexplainable. This will make everyone at the party turn into ‘animals’.

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