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Tips to Customize your Wedding Reception


What makes a wedding reception memorable?  Of course it’s good people and great moments during the reception, right?  Sure your guests will love the decor and enjoy the meal you have set for them but the thing they remember the most is how much fun they had.  Make your wedding reception a celebration all of your guests will talk about for years afterwards!  Here are five tips that will help you create a wedding reception your family and guests will say was the best they have ever been to.

Choreographed First Dance

Your wedding day should center around the love that you and your fiance share. A first dance performance helps to spotlight that love and brings it front and center.  This is why many couples seek out the assistance of a professional dance instructor to help them prepare.  Not only does this help those that are inexperienced dancers feel more relaxed during their first dance, it also creates a special memory for your invited guests during your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Reception.  You should hear the cheers and applause couple just like you are getting when they show off their dance moves during this special moment.  It’s something you and your fiance will cherish your entire lives.

Incorporate A Piece Of Your Lives Into Your Wedding Reception

One of the things people recognize the most during wedding receptions is when there is something different that happens during a wedding reception.  If it’s something that is “So you” it makes it even more special.  For example, I was excited to be a part of a Craig and Andrea’s Fort Lauderdale wedding reception a few years ago.  Craig and Andrea are big fans of the Renaissance Fair.   To incorporate this part of their lives into their wedding, Craig used an authentic sized sword to cut the cake!  Their guests were thrilled to see this and since they knew about their love for the Renaissance Fair you can hear many of their guests say” That is so Craig and Andrea” all during this part of the evening.  To this day, I still remember their wedding as the one wedding I have been to, in all the weddings I have done, where they used a sword to cut the cake.  From what I hear from this amazing couple, their guests are still telling them how much they loved that and their wedding and it’s been 6 years! So don’t be afraid to add something unique to your wedding. If you would like suggestions on what you can do for your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Reception, we would love to help you.

Personalize Your Wedding Music

Some couples want to break away from the traditional wedding music.  This includes music used in the ceremony as well as the reception.  One thing I recommend is that if you want to break away, try selecting a certain band that you like or a type of music you like and make that the theme of your ceremony and reception.  For example; we were thrilled to be a part of Nicole & Mackenson’s wedding recently.  Nicole & Mackenson were big classic rock music fans and used their love for classic rock as the theme for their music.  They even named their tables after their favorite bands.  Then during dinner, we added to the fun by playing some of the top songs from the bands on the tables during dinner.  Every time a song played from a band listed on the table, we could hear the people at the table cheer when they recognized the song from their band.  It added some fun and excitement to dinner time and the couple got to hear all of their favorite bands with their friends and family.  It was super special and something they remember from this day.


Serve A Signature Drink

Many wedding receptions we have worked are limited to an open bar of beer and wine and maybe some select liquor.  To mix things up, try creating a bride and groom signature drink to serve at your wedding to make it more special.  It could be a drink that you two had on your first date or even a drink that may be a favorite drink that you and your fiance share.  Then take the drink and make it an intoxicating highlight of your wedding reception.  Your guests will love it and even think of you two and your wedding anytime they have one in the future!


A Unique Send Off

Want to leave your guest with a lasting impression of how fun, exciting and interesting your Fort Lauderdale Wedding Reception was?  Try incorporating a unique send off to end your wedding reception.  For example, we were thrilled to be a part of Kaity & Archibald’s wedding a few years ago where at the end of the night we had everyone line up outside to send Kaity & Archibald off.  Instead of doing a sparkler send off or glow stick send off, they had a fire truck with the lights and siren pull up and Kaity & Archibald jumped on the back of the fire truck and rode off on the back of the fire truck with lights and sirens on!  It was magical and something everyone that was there will remember forever.  How did they do that?  Archibald is a Fireman and arranged it with his captain so he could incorporate an important part of their lives into their wedding.  Everyone loved it!


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