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What To Say On RSVP Cards

What To Say On RSVP Cards 4.18.24

When it comes to wedding invitations, crafting the perfect RSVP card is just as important as choosing the right fonts or selecting the perfect color scheme. The wedding RSVP card serves as a critical communication tool, allowing your guests to respond to your invitation and provide vital information for your wedding planning. To help you […]

Stephen-Pratt and Shannon 04-20-24 4.13.24

We shared an amazing September that year. Shannon was in the US for a summer work program and we finally got to spend some time together. Being apart for over 4 or so years we’ve never been able to find happiness outside of each other. I bought the ring and we set out to have […]

John & Phillip Wedding 04-20-24 4.9.24

We acknowledge that traveling to our wedding in Florida can be a significant commitment, potentially affecting your family and work. To ensure inclusivity, we will livestream the ceremony and parts of the reception. If you have prior commitments preventing your attendance, we fully understand and appreciate your circumstances. Your participation in the livestream would bring […]

Do's & Don'ts: Wedding Speeches

Do’s & Don’ts: Wedding Speeches 3.21.24

Whether you’re the best man, maid of honor, close family friend, or even the bride and groom, the pressure of delivering a speech at a wedding can be overwhelming. From striking the perfect balance between humor and sentimentality to avoiding common pitfalls, it can be nerve-wracking to decide what should be said. Here’s a list […]

7 Ways to Prepare For Your First Bridal Appointment 3.12.24

Your first bridal appointment is a significant milestone in your journey to finding a perfect wedding dress, and it’s important to prepare for it to make the most of the experience. Here we will provide you with essential tips to help you prepare for a successful first bridal appointment. From understanding your budget to exploring […]

Hire A Coordinator: Reduce Stress On Your Big Day 3.3.24

The process of planning a wedding can quickly become overwhelming and stressful, turning what should be a joyous journey into a never-ending to-do list. Many brides debate between taking on the planning themselves, or relying on friends and family for assistance. While these options may seem feasible, they often come with added stress and potential […]

Wedding Photographer SUED on People's Court

πŸ“ΈπŸ’₯ Wedding Photographer SUED on People’s Court 2.23.24

Today I am actually watching one of my favorite judges on TV, Judge Leon and the People’s Court. And it says something about wedding photo failure or wedding photo disaster, something like that. So I did one already on videography, I did one on DJ. So this one will be photography and I’m going to […]

Stellar South Florida Wedding Venues

Stellar South Florida Wedding Venues 1.27.24

Looking for the ideal wedding venue in South Florida? Whether you want to have an elegant fairytale wedding or something more laid back, South Florida has endless options to host your perfect dream wedding. Here are some stunning South Florida wedding venues that are flexible in their ability to give you a more intimate celebration […]

Do You Need a Second Wedding Photographer?

Do You Need a Second Wedding Photographer? 1.20.24

The main question that clients ask after discussing pricing or how much wedding packages cost, is how long their photographer and videographer should stay at their wedding and how many hours of coverage they need. For more coverage, often couples will opt for a second wedding photographer. But is this necessary?

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