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Event Planning Advice for Enneagrams

Event Planning Advice for Each Enneagrams


What to do when wedding planning becomes more like a burden than a joy? First, don’t panic because you’re not the only one in this. Lots of couples feel overwhelmed when they start planning. Second, look for any kind of help you can get, but make sure that you get the help that corresponds to your personality type. In other words, look for planning advice for Enneagrams.

What is the Enneagram?

Enneagram is a powerful test that can determine your personality type. With its help, you can direct your bridal planning process and make it easier. Finding their Enneagram type has helped many newlyweds ease up the preparations for their big day. So, why not go for it and learn how to manage your stress?

We’ve come up with some tips for each Enneagram type to make your life easier. So, find your type and approach your wedding planning the right way!

Planning Advice for Enneagrams

1. The Reformer

The reformer type refers to those who are principled and honest people who belong to this Enneagram type generally want everything under control and expect perfection. If you are “the reformer”, you’re a focused person who strives to achieve your goals and doesn’t set up for less.

This means that if something goes south, you’ll probably panic and start stressing. To avoid this, one piece of planning advice by Enneagram is to find a team of people who understand what you want and who can give that to you. Together, you can get exactly what you imagined!

2. The Helper

The helpers are characterized by loving and generous traits, and they’re often called people pleasers. And amidst all the craziness of planning your big day and making everyone happy, the helpers can burn out!

So, the best event planning advice for this type is to accept help. You need to fight the urge to make things easier for everyone and let others do things for you. After all, it is your celebration, so you’re meant to enjoy it!

3. The Achiever

The achievers are driven by sophistication and grandeur. Therefore, they aren’t throwing a regular event, but the event of the year. They want everything to be dreamy and extravagant, so they aim for the stars!

But when everything becomes overwhelming, an achiever might want to withdraw and opt for an elopement. To avoid that, a simple planning advice by Enneagram is to divide tasks among family and friends.

4. The Individualist

As the name suggests, individualists strive for something unique and emotional. They can easily make their big day a celebration focused only on them. Nonetheless, in the attempt to make everything original, they might want to make last-minute decisions – which isn’t quite convenient for big events.

When it comes to event planning advice, the individualist will need someone to keep them grounded. In other words, they’ll need a person who can reason and dissuade them from decisions made on the go!

5. The Investigator

The investigators are creative and insightful people, unafraid to be unconventional when organizing a wedding. However, they tend to keep all of the great ideas to themselves.

Investigators need to learn to share; otherwise, this could prevent their fantastic ideas from becoming a reality. So, if you belong to this type, share your wacky and enjoyable ideas with people you trust so they can give you feedback and support.

6. The Loyalist 

If you’re the loyalist type, then you’re all about sticking up to the plan you come up with. You commit to realizing your arrangements and try to stay focused. However, you can easily get stressed when things do not go as planned.

One simple piece of advice for Enneagrams is to try and loosen up. Bear in mind that plans don’t always go through the way they’re supposed to. Therefore, be open to change and keep a positive mind. Changing things in your planning agenda isn’t something fatal, so don’t be afraid of adjustments!

7. The Enthusiast 

The enthusiasts tend to keep a positive mind and believe the universe will work in their favor. While this attitude is good and encouraged, you can’t leave everything to fate. You still need a good plan that will realize your vision.

So, when it comes to Enneagram wedding tips, you need to divide your responsibilities to stay focused. Find people you can rely on, and allow yourself to stay in your bubble of positivity. You’ll need it when planning gets demanding!

8. The Challenger

Your ability to make quick and firm decisions will be useful as you try to organize your big day. With numerous small decisions to make, stick to your choices. Also, don’t forget to consider the emotions and suggestions of those around you.

Good advice for Enneagrams of the challenger type is to keep an open mind and don’t forget that other opinions matter, too. Try to keep a balance by sticking to your ideas and making compromises.

9. The Peacemaker

Planners may perceive you as flexible, but you may become too relaxed during the decision-making. On the one hand, this can be a good approach to ensure you enjoy your moments. On the other hand, you must stay on point – it’s your wedding day, after all!

To stay focused, the Enneagram wedding tip is to establish weekly tasks for yourself. You must also decide on- after all, if you don’t care about the choices you make, no one else will, either!

Planning Advice for Enneagrams

Taking the Enneagram test can benefit you and provide genuine event and wedding planning advice. When everything becomes scary and stressful, you need all the help you can get, and the best thing to do is to get to know yourself. We hope reading this planning advice for enneagrams helps relieve stress from your big day.

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