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What Is A Day-Of Coordinator?


If the idea of being the go-to person on your wedding day sounds like a headache, you’ve come to the right place! Consider hiring a day-of coordinator. A day-of coordinator will answer any questions anyone has about your wedding day, on your wedding day. All in all, the goal is to make sure you’re unbothered and there to enjoy the day as the guests of honor, rather than the hosts!

Wedding Planner vs. Day-of-Coordinator

Wedding planners are a great choice if you have no idea where to begin with your wedding planning. If a wedding is something completely out of your comfort zone or you just frankly don’t have the time for it, we’re not afraid to say go for this route. They will hold your hand through every step along the way. From the very beginning of helping you envision the final product, going to vendor meetings with you, and finally to the day down the aisle!

That being said, avoid a wedding planner if you are a Type A person who already knows exactly what they want for their wedding day. If you have trouble giving tasks to other people and letting them have creative freedom, a day of coordinator is who you probably want to consider hiring.

What Is A Day-of Coordinator?

Unlike a wedding planner, a day-of coordinator will do most of their work for your wedding on the actual wedding day. They will be yours and everyone else’s go-to person for any questions they have. Here’s the main aspects you can expect from your day-of coordinator, allowing you to fully savor the joy of the moment without the burden of logistical concerns.

Timeline Management:

  • Ensures that the wedding day follows a well-organized timeline, keeping events on schedule.
  • Coordinates with vendors to ensure seamless transitions between ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, or other activities.

Problem Solving:

  • Acts as a point of contact for troubleshooting any unexpected issues that may arise on the wedding day.
  • Handles last-minute adjustments and solves problems discreetly, shielding the couple from unnecessary stress.

Vendor Coordination:

  • Communicates and coordinates with all vendors to ensure they are in sync with the timeline and venue logistics.
  • Manages any vendor-related concerns, like where they are to set-up or drop off items, allowing the couple to focus on enjoying their day.

Detail Execution:

  • Takes charge of executing all the small details, from ensuring each candle is lit (or turned on if battery-powered!) to making sure the placement of seating arrangements is correct.
  • Oversees the finer elements, ensuring that the couple’s vision is brought to life without them having to worry about the logistics.

Guest Assistance:

  • Acts as a point of contact for guests, assisting with any inquiries or issues, ensuring the couple can relax and enjoy the celebration.
  • Manages the flow of events, guiding guests through the schedule and making sure everyone is comfortable and informed.

Of course, prior to the wedding, you’ll get to speak with your coordinator, but what will that communication look like?

What To Bring Up in Your Meeting

In order for your day-of coordinator to know how your wedding day will go, you’ll want to go over it in full detail.

Typically 30-60 days leading up to your wedding day, you’ll set a consultation with your day-of coordinator. This is when you want to give them a grand-scale idea of what your wedding day will look like. The vibes, the vision, etc.

Before the final week before your wedding, you and your coordinator will want to go over your finalized wedding day’s timeline. Go over it from the morning to your final exit, the vendors involved, the times they are arriving, what decor they may need to set up, etc.

Your day-of coordinator will already have these questions during your meeting, so don’t worry if you forget some! They also have experience with timelines and can help suggest ideas if something is looking like it’s cutting it close, or can note that as a crucial timing to pay attention to on the day of.

Complete Weddings + Events

With all of the previous information mentioned, we hope that you’re ready to reach out about availability and pricing for booking a day-of coordinator on your wedding day! Take the stress off you and pass it on to someone who does this for a living! If you haven’t booked a day-of coordinator yet, look no further than Complete Weddings + Events! We also offer DJs, photography, videography, photo booths, and lighting!

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