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Take a walk down the aisle of success by joining forces with Complete Weddings + Events, to let your passion for creating unforgettable experiences become your ticket to a thriving career in event planning.

In the dynamic world of event planning, aspiring professionals often ponder the best path to pursue their dreams. Choosing between embarking on an independent journey as a wedding planner or aligning with an event planning franchise can be challenging. Learn what wedding planners do. Understand the many hats wedding planners wear, from managing budgets to overseeing vendor contracts, and how that differs from franchise ownership.

Helping Couples Say ‘I Do’

A wedding planner assists couples in planning and organizing their Big Day. Wedding planners must flawlessly execute a couple’s vision. From the initial consultation to wedding day coordination, a wedding planner accomplishes a wide variety of tasks, often in a high-stress environment. Having a person organize the wedding timeline and provide guidance on wedding etiquette, traditions, and protocol can be an invaluable resource for couples. At least 29% of 12,000 couples surveyed hire a wedding planner, according to a study conducted by The Knot.

Wedding planners help couples establish and manage their wedding budgets by allocating funds to different aspects of the wedding, such as venue, catering, decor, entertainment, and more. They arrange site visits and negotiate contracts with venue managers and arrange photographers, florists, caterers, DJs, and wedding cake designers. Wedding planners also act as troubleshooters, addressing any unforeseen challenges or emergencies that may arise during the planning process or on the wedding day.

Being a wedding planner allows you to showcase your creative flair and personal expression. Working closely with couples and their families will enable you to develop deep connections. And every wedding is different, presenting new challenges and opportunities. The diversity of couples, cultures, and traditions keeps the job exciting and ensures that each project brings fresh experiences.

Drawbacks of Independent Event Coordinators

Building a reputation as an independent event coordinator takes time, and you’ll need to rely on client referrals to create buzz about your business. Unfortunately, the average length of an engagement is 15 months, which can put a damper on your ability to grow your business quickly.  You’ll also need to do extensive marketing and build a robust online presence to showcase your portfolio and provide details about your services. At least 90% of couples do most of their wedding planning online.

Planning weddings is demanding. Dealing with challenging clients, last-minute changes, and unexpected challenges can create pressure and require excellent problem-solving skills. Wedding planners often work during evenings, weekends, and holidays, as these are peak times for weddings. An irregular schedule can impact your personal life and may require a flexible approach to maintain a work-life balance.

An event planning franchise offers a low-investment, scalable alternative to independent wedding planning with a better work-life balance. Plus, you can take advantage of multiple revenue streams with year-round possibilities. The event planning industry is on track to generate $2.2 trillion by 2028, and franchising allows you to operate a brand with an established reputation and a history of success. As part of a franchise, you’ll get training, ongoing support, and a network of peers to tap for guidance.

Tie the Knot with Complete Weddings + Events

Unlock the potential for financial success with a Complete Weddings + Events franchise. We’re the leading provider of event and wedding photography, videography, lighting, DJ services, coordination, and photo booth rental in North America. For an initial investment ranging from $56,820 to $71,070, you’ll benefit from the established business model, economies of scale, and the brand’s reputation to attract high-value clients and maximize your earning potential.

Let’s explore some of the perks of partnering with Complete Weddings + Events to open an event planning franchise.

  • Multiple revenue streams. Our franchise owners have a service mindset. We create and capture memorable occasions that bring together families and communities. By partnering with us, you’ll join the thriving wedding industry and use your expertise to organize other memorable events, such as bar mitzvahs, school events, corporate events, and more.
  • Solid reputation. Owning a Complete Weddings + Events franchise means aligning yourself with a reputable and well-established brand in the wedding industry. Benefit from the instant recognition and credibility that comes with being part of our trusted and recognized name.
  • First-class support. Enjoy comprehensive support from our team, including initial training, ongoing guidance, and access to valuable resources. Benefit from our industry expertise, marketing strategies, and operational support to help you thrive as a franchise owner.
  • Peer network. Benefit from the collective strength and synergy of our franchise network. Engage with fellow franchisees, share best practices, and collaborate on large-scale events. You’ll get to leverage the collective knowledge and experiences of other franchise owners to enhance your success.
  • Comprehensive resources. Access a range of tools and resources provided to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. From proprietary software for event management to marketing materials, we’ll ensure you have the necessary tools to deliver exceptional service to your clients. In addition to having an outside agency spearhead branding and marketing, we partner with Omaha SEO Company to help our franchisees focus on search engine optimization and digital marketing to meet our customers where they do their research.

Understand the Franchise Process

When you become a low-cost franchise owner with Complete Weddings + Events, we take care of the details so that you can focus on running the business. To help you determine if partnering with us to launch an event planning franchise is the right choice, it’s important to understand our franchise process. We want you to love your job and cultivate joy throughout the industry. Being equipped with the information you need to be successful is crucial.

You’ll get started on your journey by reaching out to learn more about our business opportunity. We’ll provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which offers in-depth details about the Franchise Agreement. Next, you’ll attend Discovery Day at our corporate headquarters to meet our team in person and learn more about our culture and values. After you sign the Franchise Agreement, you’ll attend 10 days of training to get you ready for launch.

Request Franchise Information

Now that you understand the difference between being an independent wedding planner and partnering with a franchise, connect with someone from our team to start building a new future helping people make memories. Get started!


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