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After the Franchise Business Review analyzed hundreds of franchises, Complete Weddings + Events was not only named as one of the 80 top-ranked brands that have minimum investments of under $100,000, but Complete Weddings + Events was named one of the top “10 low-cost franchises that can make you rich”, and “10 low-cost franchises you can start with $15,000 or less and reap a six-figure salary” by CNBC plus one of the “20 franchises you can launch for less than $75,000” by Entrepreneur. With this kind of praise, it’s easy to want to know what it takes to become a part of this kind of low-cost franchise.

Become an Owner

When you join Complete Weddings + Events, you become a small business franchise owner with all the resources of a larger company behind you. The initial investment of $10,000 – $12,000 is mainly used on operations equipment. With a total investment of up to $62,000 (depending on your location), Complete Weddings + Events is a low-cost franchise that anyone can start. Our franchise development process is all about making sure that you are successful and ready to become a sustainable company in your local market. We are here every step of the way to make sure that happens.

Why Become a Franchise Owner?

So why buy into a company instead of starting on your own? Many people seem to think that starting an event business is simple, and on paper it is. However, when it comes down to all the tasks of running a truly successful business, there are a lot of things that are easy to overlook. When you become a low-cost franchise owner with Complete Weddings + Events, we take care of the details so that you can focus on running the business well. We have your marketing aids, your website plan, your logos, and your contracts ready to go. We offer you our name that has decades of experience behind it to help people trust your services. And we offer you training so that you are able to be confident in meeting the needs of the people in your local market. People are our product, and we are here to focus on you.

How Do I Become an Owner?

The best low-cost franchises offer you a plan for starting your own business. We have one, too. Our Franchises Development Process is organized to maximize success and minimize risk. We succeed if you succeed. Here are the basic steps to becoming an owner:

  • Inquiry. Contact us! We want to chat with you about why you want to partner with us and how we can make your event planning business dream come true.
  • Preview. Next, we have you preview our custom software. We want you to see up front how we work and what working a franchise looks like.
  • Review. We also want you to look at the details of the operation. We will have you review our Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) so that you can be sure that you know what a low-cost franchise is all about.
  • Visit. We want to see you! The next step is a Discovery Day at our headquarters where you will meet the team that will work with you and where you can see Complete Weddings + Events working in real time.
  • Accept. If you like what you see, it’s time to make it official. We will finish the acceptance of your new franchise and you will be a low-cost franchise owner ready to start planning events!
  • Training. We don’t leave you on your own once the papers are signed. We have a training plan to make sure you are successful and, most of all, profitable. Our training spans from initial training to teach how to do it all, to follow-up training from experts that keep you on track. We even offer to coach you at no extra cost.

Low-cost franchises make the goal of owning your own business easier, and Complete Weddings + Events is a great way to join the event industry and start making money. Becoming a small business owner is a challenging step, but with our help you know you will have the tools to be successful! Contact us today to start learning more.

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