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Expand your photography career by starting a business in event management. Learn how your photography experience can make you a great candidate for owning a franchise.

Find a New Focus

Taking beautiful pictures is an art. A photography career requires a creative mind and an eye for lighting, shape, and color. In addition to artistic skills, respected photographers need to have the ability to work on deadlines and stay abreast of the latest technology and trends. Good communication skills and business acumen help foster success. To have a profitable photography business, it’s necessary to establish a solid reputation in your local community and build a portfolio of work.

Opportunities in event photography are limitless. Photographers capture weddings, corporate events, festivals and concerts, trade shows, and cultural celebrations. But the photography business does have some drawbacks. It can be hard to gain traction and maintain a robust customer base. There are many event photographers out there, and it can be difficult to stand out in a crowded market, making it challenging to find work and build a successful business.

Photographers often work long hours under high pressure and in unpredictable conditions. They can grow revenue by selling their photos as prints or licensing them for use in publications. Teaching workshops or tutorials is another way to earn additional cash. But, unless they add more photoshoots to their calendar, it’s difficult to increase profits.

If you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level and increase your earnings potential, an event planning franchise may be a valuable opportunity. Boost your income and grow your client base by expanding your services. After attending many events and seeing wedding planners in action, it’s likely you’ve learned some tips and tricks for a memorable event. As a photography professional, you have a wealth of experience that can be used to start an event management business.

Cutting-Edge Event Planning Franchise

Expand your scope and use the skills you learned to build your photography career to launch a future in event management. Event planning franchises are a great option if you’re looking to break into the industry because they provide a proven business model and established brand.

Complete Weddings + Events is a one-stop shop for wedding and event planning. Investing in our franchise allows you to leverage your photography skills with a full-service event planning business. For a low initial investment of $56,820 to $71,070 while taking advantage of our limited-time Incentive Program, you gain access to a home-based business equipped with the technology you need to be part of a couple’s happily ever after story. Our event planners provide DJ, photography, videography, lighting, and event coordination for weddings and other memorable occasions, such as bar mitzvahs, proms, and corporate events.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of an event planning franchise.

  • Established brand recognition: One of the primary benefits of owning an event planning franchise is the established brand recognition that comes with it. Franchises have already developed a lucrative business model and a recognizable brand, making it easier to attract clients and build trust with them.Complete Weddings + Events has more than 50 years of experience in the event planning industry and plans at least 13,000 weddings each year. We’re a family business, and the second generation is continuing the tradition of excellence today. All our franchise business coaches are former operators of Complete Weddings locations. They have real-world experience as Complete event planners and are valuable role models for our franchise owners.
  • Training and support: Franchise owners receive training and ongoing support from the franchisor, including guidance on operations, marketing, and customer service. This can help new franchisees get up and running quickly and effectively.Our new franchise owners attend a 10-day interactive training program to fully immerse themselves in the business. It covers business development, operations, sales, accounting, marketing, computer software, signature show, and networking. After you open your doors, we provide ongoing support to help you stay up-to-date with industry trends and troubleshoot any issues that may crop up.
  • Access to resources: Franchisors often provide their franchisees with access to resources such as marketing materials, software, and tools to help streamline operations and improve efficiency. We have partnerships with a first-class branding and marketing agency to help promote your business on a national and local level. Understanding that 90% of couples head online to plan their nuptials, we partnered with Omaha SEO Company, granting us direct access to a team of SEO experts and online reputation management specialists. They keep a pulse on best practices for search engine and digital marketing to keep our brand in front of our target audience.
  • Economies of scale: As part of a larger franchise network, event planning franchise owners can take advantage of economies of scale in areas such as purchasing, marketing, and advertising, which can help reduce costs and increase profitability.
  • Reduced risk: Starting a business from scratch can be risky but owning a franchise can provide a level of security. Franchisees benefit from the franchisor’s established business model and experience, which can help them avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.
  • Flexibility: Many event planning franchises offer flexible business models, allowing franchisees to tailor their operations to their own strengths and preferences. This can include offering different types of events or working with different types of clients.Complete Weddings + Events is designed to start as a home-based business to keep the initial investment low. As your business grows and you hit certain revenue milestones, you can be eligible to open a storefront. When that time comes, the support office helps their franchisees with space, location décor, and everything in between.

Event Planning Snapshot

The party and event planning industry is slated to reach $5.6 billion in 2023, according to IBISWorld. Social media is raising the bar on special events in the U.S., and the notion “bigger is better” is a common refrain. People are opening their wallets to capture the perfect image of their special occasion and incorporating over-the-top elements to impress guests.

Wedding guest counts are trending higher, and couples are taking time to plan their special day. The average engagement length is 15 months, a survey from The Knot revealed. Couples are turning to professionals to ensure their weddings go off without a hitch. Nearly 25% of couples are even seeking professional guidance for their proposal, up from 12% in 2019. Generation Z prioritizes making a statement at their wedding, such as a choreographed dance or fireworks.

Begin a New Adventure

Further capitalize on your photography experience! Complete Weddings + Events has available franchise markets across the country. To learn more about a low-investment alternative to a photography career, request franchise information to connect with a franchise business consultant.


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