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I started DJing at a young age, and most of my early gigs were weddings for friends and family. DJing at a wedding can be a very entertaining experience as long as you know your crowd. It was more relaxed as I knew exactly what the crowd wanted and which songs to play to get them up on their feet onto the dance floor. Once I started working at other weddings, I learned how to customize the reception for the different couples and get involved with the party. There are always certain songs that can get the crowd going, and it is essential to know the right moment to play them. I find weddings to be an exciting experience full of love, happiness, and fun.

A wedding has always been the celebration of two people coming together out of love. Still, great weddings are so much more. A great wedding is all about the events surrounding the betrothed. It’s about the food, the open bar, the atmosphere, and the music, of course.

Marlon Fort Lauderdale Wedding DJ

I have always loved being a wedding DJ because it feels too good when everyone is dancing in your tunes. Being a DJ is an immense pleasure to see everyone enjoying. A DJ at a wedding continuously watch the enthusiastic dancers who always try to give their best at the moment. I enjoy so many different dance styles discovered at that moment.

When someone is reluctant to perform, I play different songs that are in alignment with the atmosphere, the person gets different energy and perform to the best level. It is that moment I get so many random thoughts and plays the music accordingly. People have a great time when I produce popular music that makes people feel good while dancing on it. Professional DJs can lead a better life because they like to be a DJ for different reasons, and yes! I am a professional DJ.


My favorite thing to be part of so many weddings

Nothing is more fulfilling than having the option to welcome a couple and their visitors on a melodic journey of bliss. Grins, chuckling, singing, dancing, and the best part being tears of delight. That gives me great job satisfaction when I get to be the soundtrack for their day to provide them with memories of their life, and they tell me how exclusive their day was. That, on the other hand, leads to better and happier photos and videos with great fun memories. I also know what songs NOT to play


Advice for any couples who look for a great wedding day entertainment

Consistently, research shows that entertainment is one of the most memorable things individuals have of their day, so plan for an ideal DJ and plan things out with them. You’ve got to speak with your DJ ahead of time. Converse with experienced Fort Lauderdale wedding DJ about the details that make an extraordinary party. It’s the entertainment that makes the best party, as well as the setting itself. Don’t forget that as your wedding DJ, I can also play music for your ceremony. Finally, not having other interruptions away from dancing and fun.

There are several things I love being a DJ, and I can enhance my passion for music and share new songs and artists with people. There are so many areas to customize your reception; to include the bouquet toss, garter toss, and cake cutting


Some of the reasons I wanted to be a DJ.

  • It’s so much fun, and I get paid to party.
  • I get an opportunity to make new friends
  • I love to see people dressed their best and in the happiest moments of their life.



There are so many reasons I love being a Fort Lauderdale Wedding DJ. Choose me for your wedding and let me bring your reception to life.


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