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What are the Worst Songs for Weddings?


What you play at your wedding is very important. Nothing can ruin a wedding reception like a bad song (or 20), but Our Spotify Playlist has many playlists for you to pick the perfect soundtrack for your day.

Here are some of the worst songs to play at weddings in Fort Lauderdale, FL and across the country.

Worst Songs for Weddings

Gold Digger

While “Gold Digger” is a fun song to dance to at the club or in the car, the lyrics don’t exactly scream “match made in heaven!” According to Forrest, timing is key with this one.

“Unless you and your guests have a great sense of humor, I you shouldn’t play that song for your first dance or when you’re walking down the aisle.


Do we really need to explain why this is a bad idea?

It Wasn’t Me

Doing it on the sofa, in the shower, on the counter.  WoW!  Shaggy has some impressive stamina is impressive.  Save your parents a heart attack by skipping this song.

Tears in Heaven

Besides being extremely depressing, this song also is incredibly slow.  Too slow and your guests will look like sad zombies on the dance floor.


Neo wrote this song while watching his Aunt break up with her boyfriend while throwing his things out of the house.  If that isn’t good enough reason, the song accounts the fact that she knows he was cheating so she admits that she cheated too

I’ll Make Love to You

We get it, you’re going to have a honeymoon.  We don’t need a song to help us with the visuals.


I give credit to Nicki for sampling the extremely popular wedding classic “Baby Got Back“.  However, the lyrical content would not be acceptable at wedding receptions.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it never will.

Cry Me a River

This is one of my favorite Justin Timberlake videos of all time.  Britney Spears broke his heart so he cut the face out of their pictures.  Let’s keep positive vibes at your reception.

U + UR Hand

Songs about a guy and his hand should never be played at your wedding. I repeat … Songs about Guy and his Hand should never be played at your wedding

We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I’m sure half of Taylor Swift’s songs are about her roller-coaster relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.  I could have chosen at least a baker’s dozen worth of songs.  This definitely tops the list

F*** You

Do I really need to explain?

Somebody That I Used to Know

This song was a #1 hit, but it’s sure to be a #1 downer at a wedding.  “She didn’t have to cut me out;  Make it act like it never happened and we were nothing.  I don’t even need your love; but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough”


Basically, saying to the father of the bride that you don’t care what you think, I’m going to marry your daughter whether you like it or not.

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Source https://www.datingadvice.com/trending/the-13-worst-wedding-songs-of-all-time

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