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Wedding Cake Trends 2020

Wedding Cake Trends


Industry Experts Predict Wedding Cake Trends

The wedding industry is driven by trends. 2018’s mason jar cocktail trend evolved into the Moscow mule trend of 2019, while roses were en vogue before wildflower bouquets hit the mainstream. Some traditions, however, rise above passing trends. Regardless of your flavor or decorating preferences, a wedding cake will always play a role in modern weddings. 

While you can serve just about any cake for your big day, many couples want to stay ahead of the curve and put their mark on whatever dessert they decide to go with. That’s why we’ve spoken with a number of wedding cake experts about the trends and styles they anticipate becoming and staying popular in 2020 and 2021. Take the word of these seasoned experts to ensure that your dessert plans are just as chic as the rest of your wedding day!

Naked Cakes Continue Their Reign

Minimalist, barely there icing provided the inspiration for the Naked Cake that went viral around wedding blogs recently. The appeal is obvious: by focusing on the cake’s natural beauty, you get the chance to cut the sweetness while evoking a back-to-basics, unfussy style. Ivy Summer, an On-Demand Wedding Consultant and Certified Wedding Planner, says the trend isn’t going anywhere soon.

“We will be seeing less greenery and more vibrantly colored floral arrangements [on the naked cakes]. You’ll notice more non-traditional shapes and designs,” Summer explains. “Simplicity is the utmost sophistication – that’s to say, we’ll see ‘less is more’ in many different forms of cake displays.”

Melissa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime agrees – naked cakes “go with [the] rustic chic/urban elegance vibe that many of my clients like. This cake looks almost as if it’s unfinished, it’s not covered in smooth fondant. It has this uneven layer of icing and the cake and filling shows through.

Smaller Cakes, Smaller Budgets

Budget-conscious brides and grooms may find the amount of cake leftover from their wedding reception a tough pill to swallow. While the tier-saving tradition certainly benefits from this phenomenon, too much of the pricey cake often ends up in the trash can. 

Lindsey Nickel of Lovely Day Events says couples trying to avoid this conundrum in 2020 may opt for a smaller cake instead. “The small cutting cake will (continue) to be very popular. Couples like that there is not tons of leftover cake and it’s much easier on their budgets.”

Taking this idea one step further is Daulton von Kuren of The Refined Host. “In lieu of a traditional cake that is sliced, plated and served at each guest seat, small bites of cake that are passed around the dance floor are the next big thing! Guests no longer want to stop dancing to go back to their dinner tables and eat dessert, therefore, the wedding cake ends up being a waste of money,” von Kuren says. “The convenience factor of waiters approaching guests with bite size cake pieces still allows them to enjoy a sugary treat in a non-traditional way without all the waste.”

Pass the Macarons 

French macarons are adorable – and notoriously difficult to bake. These petite, fragile pastries are also delicious, making the incoming macaron tower trend totally obvious. They’re perfect for couples who want to go beyond the traditional wedding cake while still offering a show stopping dessert. Claire Duverger, founder of Duverger Macarons, says macaron towers have become the go-to dessert for holiday parties in recent years. Weddings are no doubt the next occasion to see a macaron invasion.

Less is More

Sometimes the biggest trend is also the most straightforward. Classic, simple cakes have always had their place in modern wedding receptions, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Brian Worley of B. Worley Productions believes simplicity will continue to rule in 2020. “I think that the simple cake with a few flowers will always be timeless,” Worley explains. “These cakes to me say, ‘less is more’ and [are] just stunning statements that compliment the rest of the design. I really try to design the cake to be an extension of the overall design of the wedding.”

Frank J. Andonoplas agrees. His company, Frank Event Design, has seen countless simple cakes take center stage, and predicts the trend will continue for years to come. “Simple cakes with the couple’s favorite flavors are definitely the trend,” says Andonoplas. “When I design and coordinate a wedding, I use the couples style to detail the wedding. Decoration on the cake is understated. A few fresh flowers, if that. Some like a simple personalized cake topper.”

Your Wedding Cake, Your Way

Ultimately, the opportunity for customization will remain on-trend for years to come. Whether you prefer a simple cake in your favorite flavor or an Instagram-worthy confection that will garner oohs and aahs, the choice is yours. While it’s easy to get caught up in the incoming and outgoing trends and styles, your wedding is your chance to create the event of your dreams. 


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