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Candid Wedding Photos of Yourself

Want Stellar Candid Wedding Photos of Yourself? Read the Tips.


After choosing a wedding photographer, what else can you do to help make sure your setting yourself up for the best possible wedding photos? Learning a few wedding photography tips can help the outcome of your wedding photos, especially the fan-favorite candid moments. While these are tricky to master, (when you’re in the moment, you’re IN THE MOMENT), we narrowed it down to just three key moments of any traditional day. Following these few tips can help make sure a priceless moment is captured forever. At the end of the day, we want to see your excited, emotional, crying, laughing, wedding day face!

First off, if you are interested in having plenty of candid photos of your big day, two photographers may be the way to go. Typically without two photographers on site, it can be difficult to capture both portrait photos and unexpected candid moments due to the setting the camera has to be in to capture the different types of scenarios.

The Aisle Exit

Once the wedding ceremony is completed, there is a huge feeling of success across the room. When the couple turns out to the audience and ultimately exits down the center aisle together, smiles are big, arms are up in the air, and genuine happiness is expressed!

Sometimes this ceremony exit done outside the ceremony location while guests blow bubbles, throw lavender, or wave ribbons also makes for some of the best candid wedding photos during the day. The excitement of the marriage being official and anticipation of an exciting wedding reception ahead helps these authentic moments make wonderful photos!

Exit Photo Tips

Look up! With a big dress, formal shoes, or steps ahead, it is easy for that head to look down, but try at all costs to keep it up as long as possible and smile at your partner or to the photographer at the end of the aisle. Also make sure to keep arms or bouquets out of each other’s faces!

The Reception Entrance

Another chance to capture pure delight on the faces of the couple is when they are entering their reception hall for the first time. It is a bit overwhelming seeing 100 to 400 of your closest friends cheer you on all at once, but the reaction of delight is still one to capture! This can be a more difficult shot to capture, as many guests stand to applaud the happy couple, sometime right in the shot line of the photographer.

Also, learn more about creative ways for you and the wedding party to enter the reception here.

Entrance Photo Tips

No need to speed walk to the head table here. Take your time through the crowd and enjoy making eye contact with your loved ones in the crowd (and the photographer). 🙂

The First Dance

Moving right along from entering the ceremony to traditional dances. Typically things kick off with the couple’s first dance. While prior candid opportunities we’ve mentioned are only about 20-30 seconds, with the first dance, there is three to four minutes to be captured here!

Photo Tips

Find ways to be intimate with your partners’ eyes, instead of spending the entire dance leaning your head on their shoulder or chest. It might also be best to chat with the DJ here about turning off any colorful lights during the spotlight dances so the wedding dress remains it’s true color.

Wedding photography is perhaps one of the most difficult and stressful types of photography, so first understanding that capturing every moment of the day perfectly is quite a feat. No matter how much experience an event photographer has, there still may be an uncle who steps in front of the camera or a mother trying to capture the moment as well on her iPad. But keeping in mind the photographer is set up for even greater success with a bit of your cooperation or adjustments never hurts!

Contact us if you have any questions on your big day or learn more about why picking your wedding photographer matters.

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