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The Perfect Wedding Ring Shot


We can guarantee your Complete Weddings + Events wedding photographer will grab detail shots of your wedding ring and bands on your special day. These shots done creatively end up being some of the most cherished detail shots of the day. So whether you’re a wedding photographer looking for ideas, a bride looking for inspiration, or you’re simply engagement ring shopping, take in all this gorgeous bling below with this Complete Weddings + Events photography collection of wedding rings!

Gold Wedding Ring

Not as common, but becoming increasingly popular, are gold, (typically rose gold or yellow gold) wedding rings. Some may be antiques, or some brand new, but gold-plated rings are a gorgeous option for a non-contemporary wedding ring. Rose gold is meant to represent love, while yellow gold represents fidelity. These photography ring shots feature these gold beauties!

Halo Wedding Ring

Rings with a halo have a row of diamonds around the center diamond. This circle or square around the focal point of the ring makes the ring look larger, with the additional sparkle in the center of the ring. They are a very popular option, since the micro diamonds around the center diamond are typically less expensive, while giving the ring a fuller look. If you want more bang for your buck, a halo wedding ring is a great option!

Princess Cut & Cushion Cut

If you prefer a square diamond, versus a round cut, you may consider a princess or cushion cut. A cushion cut ring has softer edges versus the standard square princess cut, but both resemble a square shape.

More Engagement Rings

See more rings, and learn more about finding your perfect ring you’ll love for a lifetime in our engagement ring blog. And if you’re ready to start planning the big day, contact us to learn more about our wedding services to help you throw the event of a lifetime!

Author: Monica Garcia

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