2024 alternative wedding trends

2024 Alternative Wedding Trends


With 2024 just around the corner, we are talking about up-and-coming wedding trends for the next year! The wedding industry is constantly changing and couples are embracing unique and unconventional wedding trends that reflect their personalities, values, and style. From wedding attire to photography, the upcoming year is sure to be full of creativity and individuality in the world of weddings. Even details as classic as food and drink are getting a revamp. Let’s explore the top alternative wedding trends that are set to make waves in 2024.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

While traditional settings like churches, reception halls, and ballrooms remain a classic choice, more and more couples are opting for venues that break away from convention. Industrial warehouses, barns, summer camps, breweries, botanical gardens, libraries, and even museums are a few of the unconventional locations that are becoming popular. These non-traditional venues allow couples to showcase their unique personalities for their special day.

DIY and Handcrafted Details

Couples are increasingly drawn to adding personalization to their wedding day through DIY and handmade details. From handcrafted wedding decor to personalized signage and unique wedding favors, these DIY and handcrafted details add a sense of authenticity to the celebration. There are a multitude of planning platforms that can help you bring your creative visions to life. 

Unique Food and Drink Options

Food and drink options are becoming more interactive than ever. Couples are offering creative options such as build-your-own taco bars, craft cocktail stations, dessert tables, food trucks, and charcuterie boards. With so many options for your wedding day, it’s a great way to add your own personalized touch and make your day truly unforgettable.

Customized Wedding Attire

2024 is all about couples embracing their individuality and this will definitely be shown through their attire on their wedding day. Don’t be surprised if couples step away from the traditional wedding attire and explore the world of customized wedding fashion. Expect to see brides choosing colored wedding dresses that match their personality or opting for an alternative to a dress, grooms in custom and unique suits, and a wedding party in mix-matched outfits showing their individuality while still sticking to the vision of the bride and groom. 

Artistic Photography and Videography 

In 2024, the world of wedding photography and videography is becoming even more important. Couples are drawn to photographers and videographers that specialize in capturing the raw, and unscripted moments of their special day. Rather than focusing on perfectly posed and composed shots, the emphasis is on the emotional and candid moments throughout the day. This artistic approach to wedding photos and videos allows couples to relive the genuine emotions from their big day.

One trend that is becoming ever so popular is blurry wedding photos, once deemed as unconventional, blurry photos are now an intentional choice by couples. The trend of blurred photos produces a dreamlike quality that showcases the energy and emotion of the day. 

Eco-Friendly Weddings 

In 2024, as eco-consciousness becomes ever more ingrained in our culture, couples are taking a green approach to their nuptials. From earth-friendly invitations to locally sourced floral arrangements, immerse yourself in the beauty of environmentally responsible celebrations. Discover how couples are weaving eco-conscious choices into their special day, creating unforgettable moments while minimizing their carbon footprint. Join the movement towards greener nuptials, where every vow is not only a promise of love but also a commitment to our planet’s future.

2024 Alternative Wedding Trends 

As we enter 2024, alternative wedding trends continue to redefine the wedding industry. Couples are prioritizing individuality and authenticity for their wedding celebrations. Whether you’re planning your own wedding, or simply looking for inspiration, these trends offer a glimpse into weddings for the coming year! Check out our blog page to get some more inspiration for your big day!

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