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Wedding Planning Mistake

#1 Wedding Planning Mistake


Your day is finally here!  After all the planning, time, money, blood, sweat and tears that you have put into making your wedding day perfect, the day is finally here.  You have everything planned out to at, you got the best venue in town, a DJ that will make sure everyone has a good time, a caterer that will have people talking about the food for weeks to come, and of course a photographer that can capture all of the moments of your special day.

However, there is one thing that is always over-looked, and always thrown away when it comes to cutting costs, and that is getting a videographer.  I am here to tell you all the reasons why not getting a videographer for your wedding day is the number one mistake you can make, and one that you will most likely regret in the years to come.

Wedding Planning Mistake

The Ceremony

It is your wedding day, and what could possibly be the most important part of the day?  The getting married part probably.  Sure, you have a photographer there to capture the first kiss and whatnot, but what about the vows?  A picture cannot record what you both are saying to each other.  Also, what about the reactions of the groom as the bride is walking down the aisle, it could be a reaction that happens in just one second, and the photographer may miss that special moment.


I am not sure about you, but sometimes when you are trying to take a picture of people dancing, they turn out blurry, or just not as great as they potentially could be.  However, getting it in a video never fails.  Wouldn’t you love to be able to look back at watch your first dance as a married couple again? Or watching the father-daughter/ mother-son dances again?  What if you and your dad plan out this fun dance routine and it surprises everyone, wouldn’t you love to be able to look back on that and see/hear everyone’s reactions, and watch yourself doing the dance?  Getting dances on video just really captures everything and more than what a picture could.



Picture this, it is time for the speeches from the maid of honor and best man.  The maid of honor gives one of the best speeches you have ever heard.  Everyone laughs, cries, and cheers during her toast.  Now, wouldn’t you love to be able to look back on that and watch it whenever you wanted?  Or, what if your friend could not make it to the wedding because they were in Africa doing a research project, and they wanted to hear the speech?  Well, having it on video makes showing everyone who could not make it to the wedding so much easier.


Yes, hiring a videographer can get a little pricey, but in the end, it is all worth it because you can relive your wedding day over and over again.  You will be able to see and hear different moments that you may have missed because you were in the other room talking with Uncle Ed.  After talking to several brides about what they would have changed about their wedding day, almost all of them say that not getting a videographer was the biggest mistake they made; so don’t make that mistake, and get a videographer for your wedding day!

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