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Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding: Pros and Cons

Big Wedding vs. Small Wedding: Pros and Cons


Getting engaged is, without a doubt, extremely exciting. But along with the thrill, you will get a million questions that need an answer. Namely, the bridal planning process is not simple because you must make some really big decisions. And deciding whether you should have a big wedding vs a small wedding will be the first priority.

The scope of your union will influence many decisions you will make along the way. Therefore, it is essential to determine what you want for your special day from the very beginning. Some couples have envisioned their wedding even before the engagement. Nonetheless, others are not really sure what to choose. So, let’s see the pros and cons of big and small wedding celebrations in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Big Weddings

A big wedding certainly has its advantages – you have numerous options, and you get to celebrate your special day with many friends and family. However, some factors might affect the whole concept of your union.

Pros for Big Weddings

You can go big with the planning process 

If you have envisioned a fairytale celebration, then a large wedding will give you a chance to achieve it. In other words, you will not have to put a limit on your ideas. When you throw a big event, that means you will have space for everything. For instance, if you want a photo booth, a kid-friendly corner, or a game area for your reception – you can easily go for it. This way, you will ensure that even the no-dancers will have fun.

Access to vendors

Many vendors have requirements when it comes to weddings. That is, they have specific conditions or minimum spends you need to meet to get their services. For instance, if you are hosting a small wedding, certain venues or catering services may not make sense since they require a certain spend for you to use their services on a Friday or Saturday. Nonetheless, when a large union is in question, more of them will likely be “open for business” as they know a larger spend will occur.

You do not have to feel bad about your guest list 

When organizing a small wedding, you might easily find yourself in a difficult situation. You have a limited number of people, but you do not want to offend anyone. So, you might spend hours thinking about how to find the best solution for inviting people. However, that is not the problem with large celebrations since you can invite anyone you want.

Big Bridal Party

With bigger weddings, you can go for the bigger bridal party. For a wedding with 200+ people, having 10+ people on each side of the bridal party makes sense. However, with small weddings, having 10 bridesmaids can be overwhelming, so you’d have to limit how many people you choose to stand up with you.

Cons for Big Weddings

Large unions are pricey 

Hosting an event for about 200 people is not cheap. Generally, the bigger venues are more expensive and require more decor. Then, you need to provide food and drinks for each guest. So, if you have a limited budget, you might feel that you are about to break the bank.

Planning can get stressful 

Planning a big wedding brings extra stress. Finding a venue that can handle over 200 guests is challenging, so you might need to look beyond your local area. Additionally, you will need to think about dietary restrictions, seating arrangements, and keeping children entertained if they are invited.

Small Weddings 

If you look into the comparison of a big vs. small wedding, you will see that small celebrations also have a lot of things to offer.

Pros for Small Weddings

They are more affordable 

One great advantage of small bridal celebrations is their affordability. Namely, they are ideal if you have a limited budget. You do not have to spend a fortune, and you will probably save some money for a dreamy honeymoon.

Numerous venue options

When you are not hosting a union for a large number of people, you have more options for bridal spots. You can book a stunning small venue you wouldn’t be able otherwise or explore numerous reception spaces until you discover one that perfectly matches your dream wedding vision.

More time with guests

Wedding days go by in a flash, and when you have hundreds of guests at your wedding, you may find it hard to chat with each guest. However, with smaller weddings, you will be able to have more flexibility in chatting with each guest.

Cons for Small Weddings

Creating a guest list can get tricky

Opting for a smaller wedding can lead to uncomfortable conversations explaining why certain individuals did not make the guest list. Moreover, you may face pressure from parents or other family members to invite relatives. But in this situation, it is essential to remember that this is your story and event, and you should do what your heart tells you to do!

Access to vendors

When your guest list drops, typically the budget follows. As mentioned before, if you are hosting a smaller event, certain vendors’ minimum spends might not make sense. For example, if a vendor has a $5,000 catering minimum spend, and you only want 50 guests, spending $100 on food for each guest may not be feasible for your event.

Is a Big Wedding or a Small Wedding Right for You?

Deciding on the kind of union you want to have can get challenging. Nonetheless, now that you have the advantages and disadvantages of a small and big wedding, you can make a decision that will suit your priorities.

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