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How To Pick A Dallas Wedding Venue?

How To Pick A Dallas Wedding Venue? A Checklist Of Things To Consider


For all soon-to-be-married couples, wedding-related decisions absolutely play a huge role in crafting the big day. And of the biggest choices to make is the Dallas wedding venue. Want to set an ideal wedding tone? You have to be wise in selecting the right event space. No pressure, right?

To guide you in picking such an imperative wedding-planning decision, we put together a list of things to take into account when picking out a Dallas wedding venue.

How To Pick A Wedding Venue? A Checklist Of Things To Consider

  1. Availability

So what comes first? Selecting a venue or choosing a wedding date? Well, that depends on what’s more important to you. Whether you want to nab your dream venue or get married during a specific time of year. In case you picked out a date first, know that there’s a chance your venue options will be limited.

  1. Accessibility

Do you want to hold your big day in a church, a hotel, or something non-conventional like the beach? Is the place can be easily reached by all your guests? Or is it out of the way? Considering such factors will make it convenient for your guests to reach the venue and minimize latecomers.

  1. Capacity

For sure, you don’t want to cram your 200 guests into a Dallas wedding venue designed to cater to just a hundred. But of course, you won’t also want to choose an oversized space for your guest count as well. Get your accurate total guest count and opt for a space that’s not too big or too small.

  1. Packages

Check if the space offers full service like staffing, catering, or even a bar. In case space comes with the works, then you are looking at an additional 40-50% of your budget. As to ensure you’re getting bang for that buck, inquire about all the inclusions. Will it include a complimentary tea ceremony set-up? A pre-banquet reception? Or, some guestrooms for you to use?

  1. Style

Venue style always comes down to personal preference. Opting for a classic indoor venue? Check out those nice ballrooms, hotels, or even the country club you’re in. Do you prefer that outdoor rustic vibe? Then go for a winery with panoramic views or an in-bloom garden.

  1. Rate

Got a budget already? You got to make sure you stick to that. Inquire about the rate of the wedding venue and check if it meets your budget requirement or not. Don’t waste time looking into venues you can’t afford.

  1. Food & Beverages

Some spaces often come with complimentary food tasting sessions. Ask if the venue provider can accommodate special dietary requirements for your guests, or if alcohol is available. Complete catering will not give you a customized menu but will also require you less effort from doing all the work yourself.

If you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your big day, then make sure you opt for the right wedding venue. Use the checklist above and you’re good to go! Find the best space today and make your wedding day nothing short of wonderful!

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