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Things You Will Regret Not Doing On Your Wedding Day

Things You Will Regret Not Doing On Your Wedding Day


Every wedding involves years if not months of planning. And the next thing you know, everything comes and goes pretty quickly. Most of the time, soon-to-be-married couples want a bargain, and often end up hating several aspects on their wedding day. So if you and your partner don’t want to fall into those “what ifs” after the big day, check out the sections below.

Here, we listed things that you’ll totally regret not doing on your dream wedding day in Dallas.

Things You Will Regret Not Doing On Your Wedding Day in Dallas, TX

Skipping ceremony food

You probably think why this is essential if you’re all going to the reception anyway. Well, for one, having your wedding photoset might take quite some time and most of your guests will absolutely love to have something to eat while waiting around. You can set up a mini snack bar for them. You can serve appetizers like meat skewers, sliders, fruits and a lot more!

Paying for non-watermarked photos

Yes, watermarked photos are cheaper, and opting for such isn’t a bad idea as well. But think about it, your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event (at least for most of us) so why would you want your remembrances to be marked by some name. These are just distracting, and most of the time can ruin the entire feel and aesthetic of the photographs. Don’t hesitate to pay for that extra fee and get those high-quality unmarked photos that are all yours!

Eating something

A lot of couples today are pretty caught up in planning and organizing everything, and focusing on the ceremony that they forget to sit down and eat. Take time to enjoy and taste everything on your wedding menu that you spent a great amount of time and effort selecting. After all, you’ll need that extra boost to have the energy to enjoy the entire day, talk to your guests, or hit that dance floor.

Changing into comfortable shoes

If you are one of those brides that still opt to wear high heels on your wedding day, you might want to have some comfy yet still stylish flats with you. Surely, you don’t want to spend the entire day with aching feet, right? Shop for fashionable flats that still match your dress and wear that on the reception.

Having picture-perfect arms

It’s quite normal for any bride to be conscious of their body as the wedding day approaches.

Some choose to hit the gym, while others do intensive workout routines in their homes. These are not bad ideas but don’t overdo it. Don’t worry or push yourself too much. Just a tip though, if your arms are really a huge concern of yours, just don’t press them against your body when having your photo capture. That will make them look more toned and slimmer than they are.



With all these tips, we hope that you now have a better idea of how to make your wedding day more memorable and special. End your big day without any regrets by taking all these into account!

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