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Common Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid 6.22.22

Planning a wedding day from top to bottom takes a great deal of time and effort. Some couples want to secure the most romantic wedding venue, while others make it their priority to get the best food and wedding catering service. Not to mention the plethora of unavoidable decisions, like which dress to pick, at […]

Personalized wedding gifts on a table

Personalized Wedding Gifts Ideas 5.26.22

If you receive an invitation to a wedding, you should start thinking about your gift for the newlyweds. If it’s a wedding where you have a registry, it’s good etiquette to choose something from the list. A wedding register makes everything much easier for both the newlyweds and you as a guest. You’ll know what […]

Personalize you wedding ceremony

Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony 5.10.22

The moment you walk down the aisle to meet your better half in front of your favorite people should be a moment to remember. If the idea of a traditional wedding ceremony sounds a little lackluster, personalizing some of the moments could be a great option. Through years of attending tons of weddings, we have […]

Why You Should Book Wedding Videography 4.27.22

  At most weddings, there is typically always a photographer running around snapping photos for the bride and groom’s photo album. However, posed pictures don’t always capture the candidness and even memorable moments of the wedding. Being able to listen to the sentimental speeches given by friends and family during the ceremony. Even catching the […]

6 Ideas For A Unique Wedding

6 Ideas For A Unique Wedding 4.21.22

If you have been to more than a few weddings in your life, you probably noticed that they all start to blend together in your mind after some time. You definitely don’t want that to happen to your own wedding! So, you start thinking of ways to spice up your special day and make it […]

Deciding on a DJ For Your Corporate Business Event

Deciding on a DJ For Your Corporate Business Event 4.12.22

An event DJ is a great option for anyone looking to liven up a corporate business event. However, it’s essential that you take the time to find the best DJ for your business event. Keep reading to discover the key things to look for before booking a DJ for your upcoming corporate event.

cocktail hour songs

24 Wedding Cocktail Hour Songs 4.8.22

After the applause from the guests, with the excitement surging through the ceremony, a cocktail hour would be the perfect time for family and friends to unwind and chat among themselves. However, a good mixed drink is only half as good as its ambiance and sound. A soft jazz tune, a rowdy drinking jam, or […]

Guide to Creating a Timeless Wedding

Guide to Creating a Timeless Wedding 3.22.22

In a constantly changing world where different trends come and go every season, timelessness can be pretty challenging to achieve. However, it’s not impossible. There are ways to create a timeless wedding and ensure you don’t look at it with regret every time you remember it. The easiest way to achieve that is by getting in […]

How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding?

How To Honor Those Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding? 3.14.22

While your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life, there are many reasons why someone is unable to be part of your celebrations. Whether you are looking to honor a dear friend or family member who’s passed on, or there’s a guest who can’t travel to your wedding ceremony, keep […]

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More

Wedding Planning Timeline: When To Book a Wedding DJ, Photographer & More 3.8.22

Wedding planning can be one of the most exciting yet stressful times of your life. You’re excited to marry your favorite person, but if you have never planned a wedding before, it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. Where do you start? With decades of experience in the wedding industry, Complete Weddings + Events has created […]

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