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Choosing a Unique Song for Your Wedding Exit

Choosing a Unique Song for Your Wedding Exit


One of the most joyous signs that you are finally married is taking your exit at the end of your wedding ceremony. After all the preparation and the stress, it’s now time for you to take a real breather. As for most brides and grooms, they want to close their ceremony or day in a more memorable way by playing magical send-off music.

Choosing a Unique Song for Your Wedding Exit

Having a unique and personal soundtrack can stir more emotions and set a better tone for your exit. The golden rule is to use a lively and upbeat exit song, but we think you should put thought into other factors too. Like these ones:

The Venue

This is often overlooked by many, but if you’re doing your wedding in conservative venues, you’d want to discuss your plans first. Talk to the venue provider or manager and ask about any restrictions as to what you can play. Religious venues or places of worship often have a list of songs that you can pick from. Some may be open to whatever song you want (but still subject to the review and approval of the officiant), white others may allow anything that has no recorded words or instrumental.

Your Love Story

It’s not only your processional song that tells your beautiful story, it should also be heard on your send-off track. What’s the song you always dance to in the kitchen? A track you love singing in the car? Or, perhaps, a song that reminds you of your most exciting adventures together? Find a unique song that has a personal connection to your story as a couple. Examine the lyrics!

Ceremony Type

A wedding exit song should not just be right for the venue or your history as a couple, but the type of your wedding ceremony too. If you’re having a religious ceremony, be aware of the limitations as to what you can play. But if you’re planning for a civil wedding, it’s best to opt for a more modern or fun song (not overly religious, of course).

The Crowd

It is your wedding, so it should be your choice, right? We agree on that too. However, there’s no harm in choosing a song that won’t be offensive for any of your guests. The last thing you want is to have uncomfortable guests during your send-off. We’re not saying you should totally be swayed by others’ opinions. Just try to find a song that you and your special guests love. Wouldn’t that be a better exit? We think so too!

Live Play

One fantastic trick to make your send-off song more unique is by having it played by a live band. Whether it’s a tried-and-true love ballad or a popular jam, live musicians can make your wedding exit extra special and engaging. After all, maybe we can all agree that live and breathing music gives off a more unique experience than a pre-recorded song.

There you have it – some tips to help you select the perfect song for your wedding exit. Again, these are just recommendations. The choice is totally up to you and your partner. Treat it as the opening soundtrack to your future together and make it a personal statement of love and celebration!

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