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Wedding Nails to Slay on the Big Day


Weddings are not always perfect but your wedding nails can be, right? Whether you are thinking of spending more on a professional and fresh manicure or a standard one, it’s always a great idea to share the session with your bridal party. And we’ve got some interesting ideas to help you nail your wedding day nails.

Wedding Nails Options

Go Neutral:

The most famous options? Think Pale pink, solid white, classic nude, and the traditional french tip manicure. These looks are classic, timeless, and flattering on all nail shapes and lengths. Neutral nails win the battle for almost every bride, so if you’re unsure on what you want, going neutral is our best advice.


Glitter it Up:

Cascading glitter on top of neutral or pink nails makes a statement that you are ready to celebrate! A touch of glitter can add that bit of glam you’re looking for to up your nail look a notch!

You can also add embellishments like jewels to add elegance to a neutral look.

Something Blue:

Reference our something blue ideas blog for unique ideas for ‘something blue’ on the big day, but we think this can easily be achieved with blue nails! Making your nails just a light or bold blue absolutely says bridal to us.

Pop of Color:

Add a pop of color to your all-white bridal look with red, pink, or a color from your bouquet. You can also wear the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses on your nails which brings a beautiful and cohesive touch to the details of your big day!

No matter your nail look, we do suggest either a strong topcoat or long-lasting manicure, like a dipped or gel manicure, to avoid any chips!

Still, looking for looks for the big day? From dress styles to flower crowns, our blog is filled with wedding day inspiration!

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