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How to Get the Wedding Video of Your Dreams


Your wedding day is a true once-in-a-lifetime event. After months of careful planning and preparation, many brides and grooms find that the actual day of their wedding flies by too fast. While photos of the event can help capture the special moments and heartfelt emotions of your day, video footage is perhaps the best way to preserve your wedding memories.

Wedding videography has evolved significantly over the years. A handheld Super 8 manned by your uncle was the best you could get in the 80s. These days, wedding videography is a more polished art with many more options available to creatively capture the day’s events. Whether you dream of a music video-style compilation to highlight the day, or if you’re happy with a simple recording of your ceremony, there’s a spectrum of possibilities to choose from.

If you have a vision for your wedding video, it’s important to do a little research before selecting the team to shoot your event. No two videographers are alike, and finding one who reflects your personal sense of style is crucial. Follow these tips to ensure your wedding videography meets your expectations and matches the vibe you have in mind for your wedding day!

Select a Style

Like photographers, DJs, and other specialists, videographers have varied styles and levels of experience. Different vendors will bring different skills to the table. Before hiring one, consider the different types of wedding videos available and let that guide your search for the perfect videographer. If you’re hoping for a documentary-style memento of the day, for example, you wouldn’t want to hire a videographer who specializes in cinematic shots taken by aerial drone.

Not sure which style appeals most? Chat with friends about their wedding videos and take a peek at what they chose. Vimeo and YouTube are great options too – the sites are full of high-quality examples of wedding videography. Once you get a feel for your preferences, you can begin searching for a videographer in earnest.

Outline Your Goals

Videographers work behind the scenes to capture fly-on-the-wall footage of your special day. While photographers need to be personable when working with your guests, most videographers prefer to stay out of the limelight. Their goal, after all, is to shoot footage that reflects the event as it unfolds naturally. The best shots are usually the candid ones!

If you’ve got a specific vision for your video, it helps to outline your precise goals for the videographer you hire well before the big day. For instance, if you’re especially eager to get your dad’s speech on film, you’ll want to communicate that to your vendor. What’s important to you may not necessarily be important to the videographer, so clearly communicating your expectations and priorities is key.

Know Your Staffing Needs

The goal of any good wedding videographer is to leave with tons of great footage they can use to create a compelling video memory that captures the essence of the day. Some couples are surprised to find their wedding video doesn’t include every memorable moment. While it might sound like common sense, it’s impossible for your videographer to be in two places at once. If you want to capture both cocktail hour and your wedding photoshoot, for example, you’re going to need to hire at least two cinematographers to work the event.

Wedding videography teams are pricier than hiring a solo cinematographer, but the scope of the footage they capture will be wider. Understand your staffing needs before making any hiring decisions. Even if you aren’t sure exactly how many shooters you’ll need, staying open to the idea of hiring a team of professionals is smart, especially if you’re hoping for a comprehensive record of the big day.

Consider Sound Logistics

If you’re hoping to capture both the sights and sounds of your wedding day, you may need to incorporate microphones into your video shoot. Whomever you hire should be an expert in this department and can advise you on the specific needs for your event. They can guide you through the logistics of what kind of equipment is necessary and be able to set up mics unassisted on the day-of.

Not a fan of sound equipment or lapel mics? Opt for a music video style video compilation of the day. Choose your favorite song or your first dance tune to play over the footage – you won’t miss the audio!

Work with Professionals

To create a wedding video that reflects your personal sense of style and taste, a professional videographer is the way to go. While professionally shot video footage may seem overrated in the smartphone era, amateur video phones can’t capture your wedding in the same way a professional can. Wedding videography is an art, and while it’s tempting to cut costs in any way you can, forgoing hiring an experienced professional could be a mistake.

You only get one chance to film your wedding day. Ensure your wedding videography is as beautiful as your love story with Complete Weddings + Events. We make it easy to build videography packages that fit your budget, style, and preferences. It’s never been simpler to create a stunning video that reflects the magic of your wedding day. Contact us now to get started finding the best team of professionals to help capture every special moment.

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