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How To Be A Bridezilla

How To Be A Bridezilla


First thing’s first – the “Bridezilla” name itself needs a makeover. There are also plenty of grooms who are nightmares. Whatever we decide to call them, they are a monster-of-a-person to work with in general. But, are they really? There’s something quite admirable about a soon-to-be wedded person knowing exactly what they want and not taking no for an answer. No matter how they make that apparent. So, let’s go over the ways of how to be a bridezilla.

1. Throw Bridezilla Worthy Tantrums

Otherwise known as making it known that you aren’t happy with a choice, stomp around, wave your hands in the air, throw things, and do what you have to do to let them know. This is your day, whatever you say goes. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

2. Yell At Your Family + Friends

Maybe they didn’t hear it the first time. Or the second time. To make it clear the third time, all you have to do is bring out your inner scream. Think back to how loud you were at your first concert. Yes, bring that voice out. Straight from your belly, as loud as you can. If a megaphone is nearby, even better!

3. Set a Low Budget For a High-Quality Wedding

If your wedding vendors and family can’t make your wedding day dreams come true at the price you’re asking for, it’s not you that has to adjust. They have to make it all come to life at all costs. If your family has to dip into their children’s college savings, then so be it. Everything has to be done in order to make your vision come to life. On their end, not yours.

All you have to ask yourself is, are you a bridezilla or just a person who knows what they want? It’s all a matter of perspective. Whether or not I was actually serious about all the previous things mentioned, is for you to decipher. The fact that this was published on April Fools Day might be a good hint. 😉

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