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7 Creative Wedding Hashtag Signs You Should Consider For Your Wedding


Wedding hashtags are not as optional as they used to be. If you want to easily find the photos your guests share on social media in an easily curated way, a hashtag sign should be a priority for you! A wedding hashtag gives you a way to share your unique wedding hashtag with your guests.

We’re going to walk through some wedding hashtag signs to give you ideas on how to let your loved ones know how to share photos on your big day.

What Is A Wedding Sign?

A wedding sign is a message, direction, or sentiment printed on a surface that’s somehow related to your wedding’s theme. Some wedding signs tell your guests where the gift tables are while others might ask your guests to keep off the grass in the garden.

Why Your Wedding Sign Should Include Your Wedding Hashtag

Your wedding sign should definitely include your wedding hashtag. You can post signs in high-traffic areas or near Instagrammable photo opportunities. For instance, if you’re getting married on the bluff overlooking a vineyard, you have a good spot to place your wedding hashtag signs and remind your guests what to tag in their wedding Instagram captions.

Hire The Pros

If you want a wedding hashtag but are stuck on ideas, hand it over to the professionals at Wedding Hashers who will write it for you!

Hiring pro writers will ensure that your wedding hashtag is memorable and unique. Ideally, your wedding hashtag will be so easy to remember, your guests won’t forget it! After your wedding, you’ll have amazing photos to look through, all curated for your convenience because your guests used your professionally written wedding hashtag.

7 Creative Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas

So, you’re sure you need a wedding hashtag, but you aren’t sure how to share it with your guests. Here are some ideas to give you inspiration for wedding hashtag signs.

1. Chalk Art

Chalk art is a low-budget, rustic DIY wedding decoration to share your wedding hashtag. If you are having a garden wedding, there may be plenty of sidewalk to use. Ask your venue, because they may even allow you to create chalk art on exterior walls.


wedding ceremony


However, if there are no surfaces to draw on, you can purchase inexpensive chalkboard signs from your local hobby or craft shop.

2. Vintage Mirror

This is a good example of reducing, reusing, and recycling. Thrift stores are full of secondhand mirrors just asking to be repurposed as a wedding sign. This simple DIY project is even easy, even for a craft novice.

All you need is a mirror and dry erase marker! You can write directly on the mirror to let your guests know what your wedding hashtag is and how to use it!

If you’re feeling a little extra, you can use mirror-like paint spray to make the surface look even more antiqued. You have plenty of options when it comes to using a vintage mirror for your wedding sign.

3. Rustic Arrow Directional Wedding Hashtag Signs

Directional signs are seen all over Instagram for weddings. These quaint signs remind us of old country roads and even Alice in Wonderland if painted in whimsical colors. There really is a lot of flexibility.


wedding sign

What we like best about rustic arrow directional signs are their versatility and ability to convey a lot of information. Many couples use these near entrances to tell guests where to find the bar, restroom, photo booth, and even what hashtag to use on social media.

4. Make It Floral

Floral patterns are all the rage. In the wake of Netflix’s Bridgerton and the Regencycore trends, floral themes have made their way back into the wedding aesthetic. Paper signs in floral arrangements, painted flower signs on wood, and any way to bring flowers into the mix give you many options!

5. Simple Pressed Frame

To create a simple pressed frame, all you need is a photo frame, some greenery (in the form of real or silk flowers) and a marker. If you want to make it more fancy, you can purchase two pieces of glass and place them in a frame for a transparent vibe that allows the greenery to be seen.


pressed frame wedding sign

While you can purchase your craft supplies from an art store, you can also go the eco route and get your frames second-hand from a thrift store.

6. Light Up The Event With A Neon Sign

Neon signs are making a big comeback in weddings. You will often see them in photo booth backdrops or in a prominent place at a wedding. Making a neon sign for your wedding hashtag will make it POP!

And neon signs fit into more themes than you think: we’ve seen them coupled with floral patterns, metallic themes, and so much more.

To get your neon sign, there are professional services that can create one for you. However, if you want to keep the budget low, there are plenty of DIY neon sign kits out there.

7. Engraved Wood Wedding Hashtag Sign

Engraved wood is everywhere! The rustic yet classic signs can be found on a smaller scale on tabletops and done in large formats to convey messages like your wedding hashtag.


engraved wood wedding sign


There’s no lack of custom engraved wood sign vendors on Etsy. Just make sure you check their lead time on custom creations. If you’re thinking of making one yourself, you can purchase wood-burning equipment from a craft store. But, the investment in the materials might be comparable to buying your wood sign from a pro. So, do your research before committing!

Other Ways To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

There are other fun ways to sprinkle your wedding hashtag around the wedding reception. These are low-cost options, too. Here’s where you can have your wedding hashtag printed or displayed:

  • Photo Booth
  • Programs
  • Napkins
  • Guest Book

Get Creative

Every wedding is different, and that’s why when you choose your venue, you might actually have other ways to spread the word of your wedding hashtag to your guests. Be sure to chat with the venue manager or the Complete Weddings + Events team to see if they have any unique ideas on how to use what the space has to let guests know where to share photos of this special, exciting day.

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