Waco, TX
Why Get Married in Waco, Texas?

Why Get Married in Waco, Texas?



If you are planning to get married in Waco, you are probably aware of the millions of venue options. We have put together a list of our favorite venues to make the decision a little easier for you! Check out this list of why get married in Waco, Texas and some of  the awesome venues:

Why Get Married in Waco, Texas?

#1. The Hall at River Square Center (make sure the link opens in a new tab by clicking on the settings button and checking that box)

The Hall at River Square Center features beautiful, rustic touches including exposed brick, high ceilings, and giant columns. This venue can be easily dressed up for a classy affair or dressed down for a more rustic atmosphere. Located near downtown Waco, there are lots of places to get some awesome pictures!



#2. The Palladium (make sure the link opens in a new tab by clicking on the settings button and checking that box)

The Palladium is another downtown venue in Waco. This venue also features exposed brick but has a totally different atmosphere. This venue also has big windows that allow for a lot of natural light which creates beautiful photos.



#3. Phoenix Ballroom (make sure the link opens in a new tab by clicking on the settings button and checking that box)

Downtown Waco is full of beautiful old buildings that people have converted to be used for wedding venues and this is another one. Beautiful wood floors, exposed brick and a gorgeous old fireplace are what makes the Phoenix Ballroom the perfect place to hold your wedding.


Yes, Waco, Texas existed long before Magnolia Market and Baylor University and while Waco barely makes the top-25 cities list in Texas, the population is roughly 130,000, it has quite a bit to offer visitors.  From attractions such as the Dr. Pepper museum to a number of unique parks, museums and nature preserves. Waco is as welcoming as it is beautiful.  It’s an underrated city in the grand scheme of things.

Complete Weddings + Events is seeing an increase in wedding and special events in the Waco area and an increase in wedding venues and vendor options which provide wonderful resources in planning and creating the wedding of your dreams.

Why Get Married in Waco, Texas top attractions:

  • The Dr. Pepper Museum:

Pepper’s history predated that of Coca-Cola when Dr. Pemberton made the world’s most iconic soft drink for the first time. Memorabilia abounds through the museum and the gift shop allows you the opportunity to bring home a piece of this soft drink history!

  • Lake Waco Wetlands:

In the late 1990s, Lake Waco’s water level rose by nearly ten feet before settling back to an increase of seven feet. This created the wetlands that were established in 2001 to give the many plant, insect and animal species a home that includes an education center and a research facility. The wetlands have expanded to nearly 200 acres that include a plant nursery, raised walkways/hiking trails and bird watching opportunities.

  • Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum:

Includes a tribute to the famed law enforcement group ‘The Texas Rangers’. The Rangers began their work prior to Texas be admitted to the union and were founded in 1835. The 30-acre grounds honor all that have died in their service of Texas both as a republic and as a state.

  • The Magnolia Market:

The Magnolia Market is the brainchild of reality TV stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines best known for their work on HGTV. Magnolia Market is known for its iconic silos that mark its two-block location in Waco. It is now Waco’s most prominent tourist attraction and must-do on the weekends which includes some of Waco’s best bites with its famous food truck park.

  • Check out the actual Baylor Bears:

Due to the generosity of Bill and Eva Williams, the mascots of the Baylor Bears are available to view among waterfalls, trees and other parts of their intended natural habitat. The two black bears, Joy and Lady are sisters and love to entertain from early morning to evening.

  • Cameron Park:

Cameron Park in Waco has two rivers, biking, and hiking trails as well as the famous Waco Zoo. For those readers that enjoy adventure, Cameron Park is home to some of the best single track ‘technical’ mountain bike trails in the state of Texas!

  • Spice Village:

The Spice Village is a shopper’s dream that opened in 1997. You are sure to discover antiques, housewares, vintage clothes and more in a space that includes almost 100 individual shops in a 30,000 square foot former warehouse. Spice Village is located in the center of Waco and is surrounded by several bars and restaurants.

Waco Wedding Planning

So, you have landed in the Waco area as the location of your wedding.  Make sure to keep in mind the time of year you are targeting as the Spring and Fall are very popular seasons and thus venue and vendor availability can be limited.  Additionally, during those popular seasons, you will typically pay more due to the higher demand.  Complete Weddings + Events has developed many relationships in the region and would be excited to serve and connect you with some of the best wedding professionals in Waco.  You can check out our Recommended Partners ( or contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 512-458-3535 with questions.

Complete Weddings + Events in Waco, Texas

Complete Weddings + Events has teams of professional Photographers, Videographers, DJs, Photo Booth specialists, Lighting technicians, and Coordinators to assist you in planning and preparing for your most special day.  From online event planners to on-call event staff, to an operations manager that is available to assist with any event needs, to a full-time office team, our mission is to provide extraordinary special event services that deliver joy for generations.  While we provide the very best in customer care and exceptional products, we are a relationship company and look forward to building a relationship with you during the exciting wedding planning journey! Complete Weddings + Events, Waco’s leading provider of event and wedding photographyvideographylightingcoordinationDJ services & photo booth rental.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Kevin Paladino

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