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Sarasota Wedding Videography: Price vs Value

Sarasota Wedding Videography: Price vs Value


Sarasota Wedding Videography Price vs Value:

When considering Sarasota wedding videography: price vs value, there are several things to think about. You spend months, maybe years on planning everything for your wedding day.  When the day arrives, before you know it, it’s over.  When you look back on your day, photography allows you to relive the images taken, while video provides you the full experience the of the moments captured.

Videography goes beyond just reliving the visual experience. With sound and movement, you experience reliving the feeling of those special moments.  From reliving your vows, to hearing the toasts, along with the laughs and emotional moments, video delivers it in a way that can’t be relived in photos alone.

In addition, there are so many special moments that occur during your day that happen while you’re not around.  From your spouse getting ready to the special messages from your family and friends attending, these are moments that are special keepsakes of your day and sometimes they may be the last time you have on video moments and messages from family or friends.

Here are a few of the different styles of videography available:

Before deciding if hiring a videographer is worth the expense (it is by the way) you should first know the types of films available.

  • Cinematic Style – is a story telling video.  It is one of the most popular styles of wedding videography.  It is captured in short clips and edited with a mix of music and audio to present the story of your wedding day.  Most are around 6 to 12 minutes long.


Documentary Style is a mix of both that combines highlights of the cinematic style with special parts of the wedding day Traditional Style. The ceremony, formal dances, toasts, and cake cutting are moments delivered Traditional Style. Moments of getting ready, details, and late-night dancing are moments delivered Cinematic Style. These moments are then edited into a full wedding video. Most are 30 to 45 minutes long.

Traditional Style is a long-form video.

As technology and shooting techniques have evolved over the years, fewer couples are opting for a traditional wedding video. These videos are typically over an hour long and feature one camera with usually just a stationary shot from the back of the ceremony. At the reception, the video includes all:

  • introductions
  • speeches
  • dancing
  • most of the time without much editing or background music

If you’re considering hiring a Sarasota Wedding videographer, here are some tips when exploring your options:

  • Review their work.
  • Check and see what their portfolio looks like and make sure it’s a great fit for you. If they have done wedding videos at your venue, that’s a plus.
  • Check the type of package that you’re receiving. Wedding videos can vary a lot in style and in length. Check and see if maybe it is a Cinematic Style 10-minute video or an hour-long video, and choose a package that is the right fit for you.
  • Find out the timeframe for delivery and how they are going to deliver it. I’ve heard stories of couples that have waited 6 months or longer to receive their wedding video.
  • Check and see how long their post-production is going to take for your video and how they are going to deliver.
  • These tips will help you with selecting a wedding video that will allow you to relive the moments of your special day throughout the years.

Complete is here to help:

We hope that this blog has not only provided some insight as to the types of videography that is available but hopefully also shed some light on the importance of it. We understand that everyone has a budget in mind but being able to look back and watch your special day is truly priceless. Our team at Complete is always happy to help answer any other questions you may have as well.

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