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Podcast: Who Are You Wedding Planning For?


Wedding Planning

The big day is set and fast approaching. Your plate is full of work, family, hobbies, and other life obligations and is already running over. And you have added planning a wedding to all of that. So now you’re up to your elbows in color swatches and invite lists. You have your vision. But you also have an army of people behind you with ideas for your wedding, and you can’t just ignore them all.

Who Are You Planning a Wedding For?


The goal is taking a step back and having a personal reflection with a goal of answering the important question: who are your wedding planning for? Start by identifying the stakeholders and other things to consider:

  • You, the engaged couple
  • People contributing money to the wedding
  • Immediate family
  • Wedding party
  • Guests
  • Family traditions
  • Friend traditions

This list looks, and is, overwhelming. All of the above people and things will make an effort to give input to your wedding. The result is total conflict management.


Consider your circle of influence listed above.

Make it a point to have a thorough discussion with everyone who may have an idea. Start with all parties that are contributing money as they will have the strongest opinions. The outcome will be a united front.

The next step is to connect with your immediate family. Many times they end up being part of the financial contribution group, but not always.  We are talking about your parents and siblings, and there is an obvious path to inclusion. However, it is still important to make sure it is defined upfront.

Your wedding party is the next group to consider. These are your best friends and will feel a level of comfort making suggestions. It is important to talk early and often and keep everyone up to speed on the plans. This will result in a fun, fulfilling wedding and party.

The last thing to think about is your extended family, all your guests, and the traditions. Guests don’t have a direct claim to influence, but they do help make the day. Creating a fun, engaging situation makes for a full dance floor and good photos. Keeping family and friend traditions alive will put smiles on faces. And smiles on faces lead to good times.


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