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Wedding Costs in Wisconsin

Wedding Costs in Wisconsin 7.22.24

Planning a wedding is exciting but can also be financially challenging. Understanding wedding costs helps manage your budget effectively. Many couples find that the joy of planning their special day can be overshadowed by the stress of financial decisions. By being informed about the different aspects of wedding costs, you can make smarter decisions and […]

Alexis & Chris's Magical Wedding Day at The Gage

Alexis & Chris’s Magical Wedding Day at The Gage 6.18.24

Chris and Alexis met through a mutual friend, Bailey, whom they both knew for years but had never spent much time with each other. In April 2018, at Bailey’s birthday party, something clicked between them. Whether it was their shared love for the same songs at the bar or their playful arguments about NBA players, […]

6 Best Bridal Boutique Shops in Milwaukee, WI 6.8.24

As the franchise owner of Complete Weddings and Events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless brides create their dream weddings. One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is finding that perfect, dream wedding dress. You might be searching for a classic white dress or something uniquely you, or perhaps […]

2024 Wedding Color Trends

2024 Wedding Color Trends 5.15.24

As you’re planning your big day, one of the most exciting elements to consider is the color scheme. The hues you choose can set the tone for the entire Milwaukee, WI wedding, reflecting your style and personality.

Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day

Remembering Loved Ones on Your Wedding Day 4.10.24

On your wedding day, there are always those special people you wish could be with you, whether it’s a cherished family member who has passed away or a dear friend you want to honor. Despite their physical absence, there are still heartfelt ways to keep their memory alive and weave it into your special day. […]

adult-only wedding

To Invite or Not to Invite Kids? Exploring Adult-Only Weddings 3.12.24

Your wedding day is about love and a lifelong journey together. You want the day to be remembered as one of the best days of your life with all your favorite people. As you begin planning and curating a guest list, you may be asking yourself “Do we invite kids?” The answer to this question […]

Podcast: Budget & Finance Part 3 - How to Maximize It Milwaukee Micro Wedding

Milwaukee Micro Wedding Ideas – How to Plan & Where to Start 2.12.24

Considering having a Milwaukee Micro Wedding? These smaller events are not only a cost-saving alternative to a traditional wedding with 150+ guests, but they’re an intimate affair that can be as unique as you and your partner. Since they are on a smaller scale, there are more options for locations (like a backyard wedding!), catering, […]

Milwaukee Wedding Hayley + Justin's Charming Abbey Resort wedding

Hayley + Justin’s Charming Abbey Resort Wedding 1.15.24

Hayley and Justin’s wedding day was a celebration of pure romance set against the stunning backdrop of The Abbey Resort in Wisconsin. Their special day unfolded like a modern-day fairy tale, blending elegance with a touch of rustic charm. Check out the details of their Abbey Resort wedding below!

Price of Milwaukee Wedding DJ

The Price of a Milwaukee Wedding DJ in 2024 12.17.23

When planning your wedding, entertainment is a key aspect that sets the mood and ensures your guests have a memorable time. A great DJ does more than just play music; they run the reception well, keep the flow of the evening going, make announcements, and create a dance playlist that appeals to everyone. If you’re […]

5 Ways to Include Your Pet Into Your Wedding Day

5 Ways to Include Your Pets Into Your Wedding Day 12.12.23

Your wedding day is all about love and who better to include in this special day than your pets? From being a part of the ceremony to featuring them in the decor at the reception, we have some fun ideas to add your furry friends to your wedding day! Let’s make your wedding day unforgettable […]

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