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Milwaukee bride and groom entrance Picking the Perfect First Dance for Your Wedding?

Podcast: The First Dance


Wedding day music is an important part of the soundtrack for your life, and there is one undeniable chart-topping single: your first dance song. You and your fiancé have picked a song or two you like, but it’s time to pick one song.

The Perfect First Dance

Blane Howard, Nashville based singer, the songwriter has written a perfect wedding song, and he shares his story. The discussion centers around the songwriting process of his hit single, “Promise to Love Her,” and how it went from being a wedding gift to his wife to a single. The result is 10s of millions of streams and downloads. This is a great song to consider for all country music fans planning a wedding.

The other part of the music discussion is the idea of picking a timely and timeless song. Your wedding will not be the last party with music, and it is nice to dance to your song in the future. A great wedding song has a timeless feel to it. When selected well YOUR song fills the floor and creates a positive vibe for you and your friends.

Picking YOUR Song

Picture yourself on a dance floor a year, 5, 10, 25, or even 50 years down the road. What is the song you want to be dancing to with the love of your life? This is not the time to think too far out of the box. Really focus on the future and how you will feel about the first dance. Aim for timeless, but also fitting your love today.

Other Spotlight Songs

The other major spotlight songs to pick are the dances with parents. Aim for a song that makes you feel nostalgia for the people who raised you. Another good idea is to ask them to pick those songs. Think timeless for the song walking down the aisle in a similar fashion to the first dance. However, there is also a time for fun. Live in the moment and pick fun music for the end of the ceremony and introduction to the wedding party.

Meet the Guest

To learn more about Blane visit him at and download his music on all digital platforms.

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