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Alexis & Chris's Magical Wedding Day at The Gage

Alexis & Chris’s Magical Wedding Day at The Gage 6.18.24

Chris and Alexis met through a mutual friend, Bailey, whom they both knew for years but had never spent much time with each other. In April 2018, at Bailey’s birthday party, something clicked between them. Whether it was their shared love for the same songs at the bar or their playful arguments about NBA players, […]

6 Best Bridal Boutique Shops in Milwaukee, WI 6.8.24

As the franchise owner of Complete Weddings and Events in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless brides create their dream weddings. One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is finding that perfect, dream wedding dress. You might be searching for a classic white dress or something uniquely you, or perhaps […]

Milwaukee Wedding Hayley + Justin's Charming Abbey Resort wedding

Hayley + Justin’s Charming Abbey Resort Wedding 1.15.24

Hayley and Justin’s wedding day was a celebration of pure romance set against the stunning backdrop of The Abbey Resort in Wisconsin. Their special day unfolded like a modern-day fairy tale, blending elegance with a touch of rustic charm. Check out the details of their Abbey Resort wedding below!

Price of Milwaukee Wedding DJ

The Price of a Milwaukee Wedding DJ in 2024 12.17.23

When planning your wedding, entertainment is a key aspect that sets the mood and ensures your guests have a memorable time. A great DJ does more than just play music; they run the reception well, keep the flow of the evening going, make announcements, and create a dance playlist that appeals to everyone. If you’re […]

Wedding Venues in Milwaukee

5 Must-See Outdoor Wedding Venues in Milwaukee for 2024 12.10.23

Planning your dream wedding in the vibrant city of Milwaukee? The choice of the wedding venue is a significant decision, as it sets the stage for your special day and forms the backdrop for your wedding photos. You’ll want one that can accommodate the right wedding DJ experience and wedding photography opportunities. Here’s a comprehensive […]

Best Wedding Venues in Milwaukee for 2024

Best Wedding Venues in Milwaukee for 2024 12.4.23

The city of Milwaukee, WI, is home to a variety of unique wedding venues, ranging from elegant ballrooms to rustic barns and modern industrial spaces. Let’s highlight some of the best wedding venues in Milwaukee for 2024, offering a mix of both traditional and unique options to suit every couple’s style and preferences. You’ll find […]

Outside of the Box Wedding Desserts

Unique Wedding Desserts 9.6.23

Maybe it’s completely wrong for you to have anything but a wedding cake for dessert!? It’s a long-standing tradition along with the cutting of the cake, but as couples continue to customize their weddings, foregoing certain traditions is quite common. If you’re looking to do something different and memorable (and cake just isn’t your thing), […]

Julia Rose and Michael's Unforgettable Wisconsin Summer Wedding

Julia Rose and Michael’s Unforgettable Wisconsin Summer Wedding 8.10.23

The air was filled with an atmosphere of pure joy and love as Julia Rose and Michael embarked on their journey of eternal togetherness. Their wedding day, a celebration that radiated warmth and elegance, was a perfect reflection of their unique bond. Held at the enchanting St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, their love story was […]

Who's Responsible for Decorating the Wedding Venue in Milwaukee?

Who’s Responsible for Decorating the Wedding Venue in Milwaukee? 6.12.23

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, and one of the most exciting parts of it all is the decorations for your wedding venue in Milwaukee. However, getting the perfect décor can be a bit overwhelming, especially with all the details. Who is responsible for getting it all together and decorating the wedding venue? […]

Big Wedding vs Small Wedding

Big Wedding vs Small Wedding in Milwaukee: Pros & Cons 5.31.23

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in the life of a couple, and choosing the right wedding size is essential to have the best wedding experience. The size of a wedding can depend on a couple of factors, including your budget, the type of people you will invite, and your vision […]

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