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Wedding Day ABCs Planning A Wedding Podcast: Millennial, Professional Wedding Guest

Podcast: Wedding Day ABCs


Josh here with Misty.  We are going to give you some top-shelf tips in a fun, simple way.  Without further ado here is our Wedding Day ABCs of a successful day!!

Wedding Day ABCs

Alcohol – let your guests know what’s included

Bustle – practice before the wedding day

Cake – cut at the right time

Cocktail Hour – at least an hour

Dance – a full dance floor is made possible by EVERYONE hearing their favorite dance songs

Decorations – make a plan to put up and take down, but don’t let them monopolize your wedding day

Eat – make sure you eat throughout the day

Family – savor the moments you have them all together

Food –  think hearty, fulfilling, and savory more than unique and memorable

Fun – make sure to have it, this is a party

Games – show your guests your fun side

Gratuity – tip your vendors

Help – do not turn away offered help

I Do – make sure to put the thought into the ceremony

Information – keep guests informed and engaged

Jewelry – have a plan for the rings

Kids – keep them entertained

Kiss – practice kissing often and long

Late Night Food – have it

Marriage License – have a plan to sign and capture

(Half Way There)

Meals – have a plan for all the times you eat

Music – pick your 4 important songs

No Play List – can’t un-play anything

Open Bar – if you have the means by all means do it

Photography – block 2 hours for pictures

Place Cards – arrange alphabetically

Quirks – embrace and celebrate them

Rain – have a backup plan you love, not just tolerate

Shoes – make sure to have the comfy shoes for the party

Speeches – make sure everyone is prepared

Timeline – be purposeful and flexible, and have a leaders

Traditions – embrace them

Transportation – think about your guests and the locations

Unexpected – prepare for it

Videography – a must for the memories

Vendor Meals – feed them well

eXit Plan – know how the night needs to end

YOLO – you only live once, take it in

Zip Ties – have them ready to solve your problems

…and of course, Wedding Planner – always a good hire

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