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Wedding Lighting

Every element in your wedding plan has an important role to play in bringing your vision to life. One of the most essential (but overlooked) aspects of wedding design is wedding lighting. Good lighting is executed in the background but makes a big splash, front-and-center, to add some serious pizzazz to your big day.

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Wedding Lighting Rental

Wedding lighting sets the stage for your ceremony and reception. While every venue is different, there are enough options and wedding lighting ideas available to find the perfect ambiance and design for your space. You can highlight existing architecture in a decorated venue, or add some visual interest to a blank slate. Complete Weddings + Events has a host of wedding lighting effects to bring your ideal design to life.

  • Uplighting: This option is one of the most powerful for transforming the mood of an entire space. LED lights throw a splash of light upward to create a warm, ambient glow. This is perfect for showing off the beautiful architecture of your venue, or if you want to bathe your wedding venue in light.
  • Color Wash: Wash your space with any color you can think of! This is perfect for an area that calls for a little something extra to make it pop. The color can be as bold or conservative as you want, and you can choose a palette to complement the theme of your wedding easily.
  • GOBO Lighting: If you are looking for a really personalized touch, this wedding lighting effect delivers. GOBO lighting shines through a cut-out template onto the wall or floor of the venue. You can design the template to be whatever you want: your wedding date, a silhouette of the happy couple, or a fun design. It adds décor to the walls of your space, without actually hanging anything up.
  • Under lighting: One of our favorite techniques is to enhance an area of interest (such as a cake table or a bar) by lighting it from underneath. This effect creates a soft, subtle light around the bottom of the object that highlights the area and draws the attention of guests to it.

Technical Know-How

Wedding lighting can be a technically challenging decoration to figure out. Beyond having the power to run the lights, installing wedding lighting requires evaluating unique wedding venue spaces and finding the best placement for all of the lighting pieces. This is where a lighting professional can really make a difference. While this can seem like an added expense, springing for wedding lighting can save you time and money around other decorative expenses in your wedding plan. When you hire a company like Complete Weddings + Events, you’ll be working with lighting professionals, plus a selection of wedding lighting rental equipment (so you don’t have to purchase it yourself). Our professionals will save you a headache around decorating, too, by setting everything up for you and easily transforming your venue into a beautifully appointed, one of a kind wedding space.

At Complete Weddings + Events we want your wedding to shine. Just leave your wedding lighting needs to us and we promise you won’t be disappointed. For all your other wedding needs, try our professional DJ services, photography, videography, and photo booth rental services. Contact us today to start planning!

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" We got lighting, and our reception just looked magical!! Complete definitely went beyond our expectations!!"

- Bonnie A.

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