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Top Bridal Party Poses


Your bridal party will consist of your very best friends, siblings, or other family members, and getting great photos of everyone is a MUST!  While you will be getting the classic bridal party shots of everyone lined up and smiling, why not take some fun pictures too?  Check out some of our favorite photos and the top bridal party poses that everyone needs to try!

Top Bridal Party Poses

Linking Arms

This pose is great because it really just brings the whole bridal party together!  Instead of just standing next to each other, why not all link up together? We also love the look of alternating bridesmaids and groomsmen on both sides of the bride and groom– totally visually appealing!

All about that Ring!

We absolutely LOVE the ring photos!  It’s a big deal that you got married, so why not have everyone fawn over your new bling?

Pairing Off

This pose is so easy to do and looks great- totally adds that dimension to your group photos!  Even better if you have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but if not, don’t worry! You can just pair up a group of three and it still looks awesome!

Back Shot

This photo is great because it captures so much that is missed when you take photos facing forward!  You spend lots of time and money on your getting your hair done, so let’s see those up-dos! This pose is also great to get a shot of your dress from behind so we can really see your train and veil!

With the Girls

It’s one thing just getting your girls all lined up for a photo, but it’s even better to get the candid shots!  We love these laughing photos, and we know you will too!

Bride/Groom Held up by Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

This is definitely a fun bridal party pose, just make sure your bridesmaids or groomsmen don’t drop you! 😉

The Dip

Ah, the classic dip.  This is a fun pose to do, especially if you get the bridal party to make some funny facial expressions behind you (like covering their eyes, excited/cheering, etc).

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Author: Alex Klutchko

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