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Capturing Memories: The Do’s and Don’ts of Photo Booth Rentals


Are you planning an event and considering a photo booth rental to add some extra flair and fun? Photo booths have become a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and other special occasions. They offer guests a chance to create lasting memories with fun and often silly photos. However, to ensure your photo booth experience is a hit, it’s essential to know the do’s and don’ts. Let’s dive into some key tips for making the most of wedding and event photo booth rentals.


  1. Research and Book Early

    Start your search for a photo booth rental company in Grand Rapids well in advance of your event date. This allows you to explore different options, compare pricing, and secure your preferred booth style. You can request more info here.

  2. Consider Customization

    Many photo booth rental companies offer customization options, such as themed props, backdrops, and photo strip designs. Tailoring these elements to match your event’s theme or colors can add a personalized touch and enhance the overall experience. Check out our photo booths.

  3. Provide Ample Space

    Ensure there is enough space allocated for the photo booth setup. It should be easily accessible to guests but positioned away from high-traffic areas to prevent congestion. A dedicated corner or area works well for most events.

  4. Promote the Photo Booth

    Encourage guests to use the photo booth by promoting it before and during the event. Mention it in invitations, display signage near the booth, or have the Emcee/DJ announce its availability. Creating buzz around the photo booth will encourage participation.

  5. Encourage Creativity

    We provide a variety of photo booth props, accessories, and backdrops to spark creativity and encourage guests to have fun with their photos. From goofy hats and oversized glasses to themed props relevant to your event, the options are endless.

  6. Share Digitally

    Many modern photo booths offer digital sharing options, allowing guests to instantly share their photos via email. Request this feature as it extends the reach of your event’s fun beyond the venue walls.


  1. Overlook Technical Requirements

    Ensure the venue can accommodate the technical needs of the photo booth, including access to power outlets and a stable internet connection if digital sharing is desired. Failure to address these requirements can lead to technical hiccups during the event.

  2. Neglect Maintenance

    Confirm with the rental company that the photo booth will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained before your event. A well-maintained booth ensures optimal performance and guest satisfaction. At Complete, our photo booth hosts are present throughout your entire event to handle any maintenance issues that may occur, so you can keep partying.

  3. Limit Accessibility

    Avoid restricting access to the photo booth based on guest demographics or VIP status. Make it available to all attendees, regardless of age or social standing, to ensure everyone can partake in the fun.

  4. Forget to Review the Contract

    Before signing a rental agreement, carefully review all terms and conditions outlined in the contract. Pay attention to details such as rental duration, setup and breakdown times, additional fees, and cancellation policies to avoid any surprises later on.

  5. Miss the Opportunity for Keepsakes

    Take advantage of the photo booth as a unique keepsake for your event. Consider creating a scrapbook or digital gallery compiling all the captured moments to cherish long after the event has ended. When you book with Complete, we provide you with a scrapbook for your event, as well as a digital copy of all of your photos.

Complete Weddings + Events – Photo Booth Rental Grand Rapids

Photo booth rentals can elevate the entertainment value of any event while providing guests with memorable keepsakes. By following these do’s and don’ts, you can ensure a seamless and enjoyable photo booth experience for all attendees. So, strike a pose, grab a prop, and let the memories unfold! Check out our photo booths and request more info!

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