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Why Marcy loves being a wedding photographer?

Hi.  I’m Marcy.  Wedding photography can, for some, be a hectic job to do. But for others, it might be a learning experience and a fun job to be a part of. For me, wedding photography gives me the chance to take pictures of absolutely beautiful people.  That is not the sole reason. It gives you the chance of getting to know how photography works. I get the opportunity to with natural lighting, with artificial lighting or with no lighting at all.  Every Fort Lauderdale wedding I work is an brand new setting because I work weddings from West Palm Beach down to Miami.

The following are some of the reasons why I would be a great choice for your wedding

Capturing Priceless Images

Taking pre-planned pictures can get kind of boring after some point. All the angles, all the poses, they can get boring after a while. Wedding photography gives you the chance to take candid pictures. For me, candid pictures hold some special memories inside them. Capturing the bride’s happiest smile after seeing someone they love.  Or taking pictures of every at the reception who are so lost in having the time of their lives. Wedding photography might seem a hard thing, but they are beautiful.

Being Creative

Getting the freedom to be creative is every photographer’s dream.  And wedding photography is a great opportunity to be creative. Taking wedding pictures allow you to be as open and imaginative as you want. You can work with any kind of light you want, any kind of angles you wish to take the pictures from. It is like having your very own canvas and the ability to paint anything you want.

Being a part of something great

When someone chooses you to be a part of their special day, the feeling is nothing but great. Taking pictures of someone having one of the best days of their lives is just an amazing opportunity. Capturing their smiles and having those precious moments is what an artist needs.  The reward for doing that is seeing how you managed to make their special day captured and this is so much better than anything else you are getting.

Getting to know new people

Being a part of someone’s wedding gives you the chance of meeting new people and interacting with them. You meet so many new faces who look at life so differently and getting the chance to show them what you can do. I find this to be a great experience for yourself and your work. You get to learn so many new things and so many different ways to work.

Learning new techniques

Every opportunity gives you the chance to learn something new. Learning can never stop and the more you learn something, the better you get at it. Wedding photography can teach you to take photos in different environments and different people from the bride’s side and the groom’s sides.


Going to places I have never been to before

A wedding gives you the privilege to go someplace you have not gone before, most of the time.  New places have new areas to take photos of. And every new area allows you to take pictures differently. As I always say, every opportunity is a learning experience. Taking pictures in places you are not familiar with allows you to learn how to balance a photograph. It allows you and teaches you how to take pictures in a different environment.


In closing

Weddings are one of the most celebrated occasions and everyone wants to preserve those memories. And if you choose me to be the one who captures those memories, there is nothing in this world better than that.

"Everything was amazing! Arturo was in communication with me and any questions I had they were always answered right away. Marci my photographer was great and took all the pictures we wanted. I can’t wait to see the finished product. All my guest loved the photo booth and it was a great keep sake for everyone. I highly recommend complete for any event! "

- Tess Gonzalez

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