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Fun Props For Fabulous Engagement and Wedding Photos


When a client books us for their wedding, engagement or family portraits, they are trusting us to document their story. They must not only trust our work and our vision, but also trust us enough to feel comfortable in front of a camera. This is especially important for our work since we are booked for both photo and video during most of our shoots.

Whether a wedding, engagement or portrait session, we often recommend that clients bring props along. These props can be something fun like balloons or a kite, or something important to them like their dog or even their iPhones. Before you brush off the idea of props as silly, consider the benefits of bringing something along to your photo shoot

1. Fun props serve as an icebreaker. Often the first few shots are a little awkward, and having something in your hands can help put you at ease. Consider fun kite to fly on the beach or a squirrely puppy to make you laugh!

2. Often clients have a theme/mood for their sessions. Adding a parasol to a vintage shoot sets the mood as much as laptops and slippers on the couch set a cozy mood.

3. Finally, adding props can add an exciting burst of color to an otherwise ordinary shoot. Whether colorful balloons or a bright kite, props can help your photos really ‘pop’!

Of course, you’ll want to talk to your photographer about any ideas you have and how they can be incorporated into shots. At COMPLETE weddings+events we love new ideas and fun props to bring spice into all our shots—whether photo or video!

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