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Wedding Photography Tips: Top Bridal Party Poses


There are all sorts of ways to remember your big day, from freezing a slice of your wedding cake to keeping a memorable guest sign-in book. Photos with your wedding party provide an amazing opportunity to try out some fun poses and create incredible visual memories. Here are twelve ideas for interesting and photogenic wedding memories.

Wedding Photography Tips: Top Bridal Party Poses

Lead The Way

The bride knows her power, and the posing for this photo allows her to speak to it while providing a fun comedic twist. The bride can simply tug the groom away by his tie. Have the groomsmen cling on for dear life to the groom for an extra funny snapshot.

From Caveman To Groom

The groom in your wedding wasn’t always the handsome charming man he is today; use this fun nod to Charles Darwin to show how he has evolved into the perfect soon-to-be-husband.  Have each groomsman imitate a stage of the evolutionary process, starting with crouching, until eventually, they are walking upright with your groom in the lead.

wedding party Foot circle

A Ring of Little Piggies

This shoe themed picture works extra well with the classic aesthetic of the converse, orange and blue for the bride and groom, white for the bridesmaids, and black for the groomsmen.  Whatever your footwear, this picture is a classic and fun way to remember everything about the day.

Bride and Groom I got your back

Got Your Back Behind Your Back

We all know the best man and maid of honor are the backbone of the bridal party, and this pose is a clever way to show all the support that goes on for the special couple behind the scenes. Seat the bride and groom together and the maid of honor and best man next to them. Have the women hold hands in solidarity while the men fist bumps for a special moment.

That’s What Friends Are For

Don’t forget that a lot of special bridal party photos can be taken while the bride and groom are getting ready!  Try posing for a picture where the bridesmaids are helping the bride get into her wedding gown.  The same effect is achieved by bridesmaids helping her with her shoes, the bride helping the flower girls with their baskets, the groomsmen helping the groom into his coat, shining his shoes, or the bridesmaids helping the groom with his tie or bow tie.

bride and groom kissing with people watching in background

The Couple In Perspective

Behind every great newly-wedded couple is a bridal party supporting them through the entire process.  Show how these friends and family love and encourage newlyweds.  Pose for a kiss with them in the background between your bride and groom. In this photo you create an arch and the bridal party poses beneath it.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Coordinating socks and ties make for a super fun groomsmen photo.  Give the guys a chance to show off their shiny kicks and spiffy socks all together so you can all look back on your special day and remember how handsome you all look! Consider funky or fun patterns for the socks for a fun contrast to the seriousness of the suits, or for a more stylish and classy look go for matching pocket watches or jacket linings.

bride stepping on wedding party

These Heels Are Made For Walking

The only thing better than picking out a wedding dress is finding the perfect shoes, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to show off those kicks. This is another perspective type photo – have the groomsmen pose in the background of the photo and the bride lift her foot up as though she could smoosh them if she wanted to. For an alternative take on this photo, they will run from her, try to climb up, or she can pretend to kick them.

Alternating Couples

For a beautiful sprawling photo pair each bridesmaid up with groomsmen into couples and spread them out behind the newly-weds. It’s a great way to show off each member of the wedding party and show them all together with the bride and the groom. Your wedding party is an important part of the big day and this is a great opportunity to capture everyone together.


weddging party with Smoke Bomb

The Bridal Party Is Smokin’

Smoke bombs are a super trendy and photogenic way to spice up your bridal party photos.  Coordinate the bombs with the color scheme of the wedding, or don’t! The smoke bombs in the photo above show pride in the couple. Whatever you choose, setting the bombs off for the photos creates a beautiful effect and a lasting memory.

A Popular Attendant

Your wedding party brings life and vibrancy to your wedding and the attendants are some of the most important people in your life.  Make sure to include everyone in your wedding and the photos by bringing a groomsman or barks-maid! You can set the photo up like this one, with the cute pup posing in front, take photos with the dog helping the bride and groom get ready, or even include them in the ceremony for photos of them walking down the aisle!

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