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Tips For Picking Your Perfect Wedding Videographer


While planning for the biggest day in your life, you come to a crossroads when deciding on wedding videography.

Here are tips to help you find the Your Perfect Wedding Videographer in South Florida.

Only choose videography if it’s a “Must Have”

Many times, clients walk into our studio asking for video because they have a little bit left in their budget and want to try to add video as an afterthought.  Or they were told that they will regret not having videography at their wedding.

If videography is an afterthought then you are not going to see the value in investing the kind of money it will take to for a professional videography company to create a breathtaking movie for you and your spouse.  Often times, what happens is couples in this situation find something closer to the low end of the pricing spectrum.  They receive a video that is between “not bad” and decent then tell their friends that they were wrong about needing video.

If you must have a video from your wedding day, then factor the cost of videography in the budget and find the best videographer for you and your fiancé.  Treat videography with the same diligence that you do with photography.  Look for a wedding videographer in South Florida that has the style and personality that compliment yours and hire them.


A long video is not always a good one

When you go to the movies, you don’t make your decision on what to watch based on the run time of the movie.  It’s not a better value to watch a 3-hour movie versus a 1 hour and 40-minute movie.  The cost of the ticket doesn’t change with the length of the movie.

The same holds true for a wedding movie.  What you are paying for is the experience you have while watching your video.  If the experience you want is to have an artistic movie that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with a heavy emphasis on background music and overdubbed speaking; that type of wedding video is shorter (usually no more than 15 minutes).

If the video that you want includes every second of your wedding ceremony as well as the entire first dance and other spotlight dances; this type of wedding video must be longer (usually at least an hour).

Again, it’s not about the time.  If you watch your hour-long video and fast forward just to get to the “good parts”; how much value does that video actually have?

Referral and Review Factor

Trust your planner or photographer if they suggest a videographer.  They have worked with them in the past.  They are referring to these artists because they like working with them or because they heard good things from previous clients.

Don’t just rely on YouTube.  Find trusted sources like The Knot or Wedding Wire to see their reviews before scheduling a consultation with them.  Look for reviews that tell if the videographer captured the “essence of the day” or they “got all of the details” or if they created the video that the clients wanted.

Many photography companies offer videography as well.  It usually makes the most sense to book a package for both photos and videos.  Professionals that work for the same company will have a great rapport and will use that to get you the best product.


You trusted your videographer enough to pay for their talent.  Trust yourself!  You made the right decision.   Enjoy your wedding day.  You don’t need to keep an eye out for them to make sure they are doing their job.  Again, enjoy your wedding day.

When you watch and love your wedding video, share your experience so other couples will be able to make the same great decision.

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